Brown Printed Essential Oil Packing Tube

Focus Features:

  • Natural Kraft paper laminate with cardboard, round shape
  • Double-wall thick, with a lift-off cap
  • Top lid and Bottom can be printed also
  • Custom printing tubes and made to size to fit your product
  • Material fully recycled, no harm to Children and Planet.

Description of Brown Printed Essential Oil Packing Tube

Essential oils are often packed in plastic or glass bottles, which can easily leak or become damaged without proper outer packaging. Therefore, a cardboard tube is a great option for original packaging. The tube is small enough to fit a single bottle, yet durable and easy to open. By adding a sticker to the open cap, the bottle will be secured inside.

The tube design is simple, and we can provide you with a FREE cardboard tube die-line for you to customize with your artwork. Please note that this Brown Printed Essential Oil Packing Tube is just an example, and we can customize the size and printing to fit your specific needs.