Business Presentation Packaging Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Magnetic closure clamshell packaging box style, rigid cover.
  • Made from the 2mm thick greyboard, coating paper is 157gsm art paperboard.
  • Deep matt plastic lamination after printing, protect printing content, and water-resistant.
  • Precise printing content on the position of the box, pre-layout.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Clamshell Shape Box is Good For Presentation

As we stated before in Custom File Storage Packaging Boxes, the Clamshell box flap can be laid down after you open the box. It has no support on the back, so the box looks like a clamshell. When you show a new product or concept to customers, investors, and partners, the packaging is needed. Moreover, in able to let the potential customer check what product you are selling, a pre-opened box is necessary for the counter.

Clamshell shape box meets all those requests. You just need to focus on the printing and leave the remains to Shanghai BPS. We are a group of passion, responsibility, and professional workers.

Those business presentation packaging boxes are developed with IBM, for their wisdom suits. We are enjoying the time cooperation with them, and it enhances our team’s ability a lot by learning their knowledge and communication skills.

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