Business Product Roll End Box Packaging

Focus Features:

  • Single deep grey color printing, white logo, and graphic is the original paperboard color.
  • Roll end tuck top foldable box structure, no need any tape assemble it up.
  • Eco-friendly cardboard material
  • Full box outside laminated with matt plastic film, water-proof, and protect printing content.

Choose Suitable Printing Content For Your Business Product Packaging

Business products are not like others; they represent your company’s attitude in some way and should promote your brand. Regular product packaging can be very colorful and fancy, but business gift packaging cannot be.

Take this business product roll-end box packaging, for example. It features just one color printing, a professional look, and includes enough information for your customers, business friends, and potential partners. The box includes your logo, brand, and the backside is printed with a recycled sign.

Shanghai BPS has a long history in the packaging industry, and we know how to create suitable packaging that fits your purpose. Once you share your thoughts with us, we start collecting and generating ideas right away.

Are you interested in creating your own branded foldable mailer boxes? Contact us today to be the first one!