Canister Adhesive Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Tuck top & bottom style, save printing costs, and easy to be opened.
  • Full overprinting on the outside, glossy plastic film lamination.
  • Three-layer corrugated fiberboard, robust, and sustainable.
  • Stackable on shelves, dump bins, and pallet displays.
  • Eco-friendly Material.

The Benefits of Using Corrugated Packaging Box

  1. Excellent cushioning performance: Corrugated cardboard has a unique structure. 60%~70% of the volume in the cardboard structure is empty, so it has excellent shock absorption performance, which can avoid collision and impact of the packaged articles.
  2. Lightweight and firm: Corrugated cardboard is a hollow structure that is made of a rigid material with a minimum of materials. It is light and robust and is only about half the weight of a wooden box compared with a wooden box of the same volume.
  3. The outer shape is small: the corrugated carton can be folded into a flat shape during storage and transportation, which is convenient for storage and transport; when used, the box is opened and is much smaller than the wooden box and the plywood box of the same volume.
  4. Adequate raw materials, low cost: a lot of raw materials for corrugated board, corner wood, bamboo, wheat straw, reed, etc., so the price is lower, only about half of the same volume wooden box.
  5. Easy to automate production: Now, we have produced a complete set of corrugated carton production lines, which can produce corrugated boxes in large quantities and with high efficiency.
  6. The cost of packaging operations is low: packaging goods in corrugated boxes make it easy to automate the packaging of articles, reducing the amount of packaging work, and reducing packaging costs.
  7. Can pack a variety of items: corrugated boxes themselves package a wide range of articles, but if combined with a variety of coverings and moisture-proof materials, can significantly expand the scope of use, such as moisture-proof corrugated boxes can be packaged with fruits and vegetables; plus plastic film can be covered Packing moisture-absorbing items; using plastic film bushings, a sealed package can be formed in the box to package liquid, semi-fluid items, and the like.
  8. Less metal consumption: The corrugated box is molded with only a small amount of box nails, which is only about half of that compared with the manufacture of wooden boxes.
  9. Excellent printing performance: Corrugated cardboard has functional ink absorption capacity, easy to print, and easy to promote goods.
  10. Recyclable Recycling: Corrugated boxes can be reused multiple times, reducing packaging costs, and environmentally friendly.

What’s More We Can Do For You?

We can custom the box for your unique requirements. This canister adhesive packaging box can be customized in size and printing works. You can put your logo onto and fit your products tightly. Moreover, we offer free die-cut line templates for your designers.

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