Car Accessory Packaging Gift Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Black hover color paperboard laminated on thick cardboard, SPOT UV of Mercedes Benz logo.
  • Inside all-over printed with a mixed green color, natural and comfortable feeling.
  • Six pieces of magnetic closure hidden into the cardboard, make the box easy to be closed and secured.
  • Printed paperboard laminate on bottom of the box, cover all unprinted board, make it looks professional works.
  • Simple but perfect Layout
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Get High-Quality Packaging Boxes For Your Branded Products

Packaging to products like clothes to human beings. A design sense cloth on a people will make him/her stand out in a party, and a high-quality packaging box makes your products eye-catching in a supermarket. It is worthy of trying custom printed rigid boxes.

Nowadays, developing high-quality packaging becomes more comfortable and more accessible, since the social division of labor is getting more specific. Below are some points you need to follow as a suggestion.

  1. Choose the box style. Important process. You’d better contact some box manufacturers for it. It’s easy, if you want Chinese box suppliers like Shanghai BPS, just search it on google.
  2. Create design. Unless you are professional in design, you’d better hire someone to create a design for you. There are a lot of individual designers in Fiveer and Linkedin, just talk with someone. If you don’t know how to select, we can help you or recommend someone to you.
  3. Show it to your partner. Every of my customer asks samples. They need it to show to partners and do pre-marketing tests. Just ask your box manufacturer to do so. Shanghai BPS has many optional sample process for you.

Permissions To Print

Shanghai BPS obeys the printing rules in China and Wolrd printing & packaging tules. It means we don’t print fake product packaging, porn products packaging, and gambling-related products packaging. Like those Car accessory packaging gift boxes, we got the permission of printing from Mercedes Benz Group directly, and show it to a Chinese government agent, and then we start printing them.

Obey the rules is essential, that’s why Shanghai BPS win great feedbacks from customers around the world and set up a long time relationship with so many well-known brands. This box finally delivered to Atlanta Classic Cars, located in 1705 Boggs Rd. Duluth, GA 30096. Now we are talking principal packaging box business with Porsche, will give an introduction page later on.

Feel interested in developing your own branded box like this? Just say hello to us, we are here.

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