Car CD Present Packaging Box with Magnetic Closure and Printed Sleeve

Focus Features:

  • A printed rigid box sleeve, with high-glossy varnish, make the box seems more fashion, and style.
  • Specialty paper coated rigid box, texture on Orange paperboard, contain an insert to fit car CD.
  • Magnetic closure with sleeve sealing, the box is very tight and safe for CD.
  • Can be straight standing on the shelf, waiting to be sold out.
Let’s Customize It Now!
Product Video

Make The Normal Box Branded

Do you know that you could only add a printed sleeve onto the stock boxes, then it becomes branded? No need to print the box itself. By doing so, you can cut your costs in a significate way, and save your time in production.

Why do I say it save you time? Think about the fact that print a batch of the sleeve only takes 1-3 days while printing on the box takes 6-10 days, I mean finished products.

Why it save your money? The printed sleeve is only 1/5 percent cost of the printed box, but please note that you will need to find the right stock box, no customized boxes.

Make Them Stand in Supermarket

Do you know that CD packaging has so many styles? When you make the CD goes retail sales, you may consider the custom cardboard displays to fit it. We have talked about Custom CD Packaging Boxes in the past, and we are ready for those items customized for you.
Feel interested in us? Contact us for more details.
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