Car Towel Counter Display Box

Focus Features:

  • Cardboard Retail Shelving
  • CMYK Printing on Header & Shelves, Pantone printing as Optional choice.
  • Four Section Design
  • No-Tool Setting up Process
  • Countertop Placement on desk, table and any other flat palce.
  • Recycled cardboard material

Display Box For Car Towel

The Car Towel Counter Display Box is designed with a four-section style and eye-catching graphics on the header and shelves. By following the sample guidelines, you can showcase a full-color design that will inspire impulse purchases at registers and other point-of-purchase locations.

Each customized corrugated POP display is made with lightweight cardboard that is pre-folded for easy, tool-free assembly. Once set up, simply place the product on the open ledges to merchandise in high-traffic areas, such as an aisle endcap or a point-of-purchase counter.

The sample allows you to add text, full-color vector graphics, or high-resolution images on the cardboard fronts and header, using UV digital ink to ensure long-lasting vibrancy. With an affordable design and vivid printing, this POP display is ideal for use in a store, shop, or craft show!

Car Towel Box Changes By Time

Nowadays, businesses use various tools to create brand awareness among consumers. The Car Towel Counter Display Box is an essential factor in extending the sales of car towels outside. We are one of the leading companies in producing these products for consumers.

Our experts are highly skilled in building displays with beautiful and attractive designs. We deliver display units that depend on your brand presence consistently.

The Car Towel Counter Display Box is one of the ways to increase sales of products to businesses. Our manufacturers are designing multiple colors and styles. The display unit offers the ultimate point-of-sale for brands, and consumers acquire efficient solutions from the stands.