Cardboard Aluminum Box For Wine

Focus Features:

  • Aluminum surface treatment to achieve more of an upscale appearance
  • High-quality rigid cardboard material
  • Metal lock closure and metal hinge
  • Luxury metal handle, easy to carry
  • Customized cut-out EVA foam insert
  • Custom Logo service available


At first glance of this box, we may take it as an aluminum/metal wine box. But in fact, its main body is made of rigid cardboard material. Made of paper cardboard material, this wine box is recyclable and environment-friendly. Also, the high-quality rigid cardboard makes our wine box with high strength, so that the wine bottle can be very well protected inside it.

We paste aluminum foil on the surface of the box, to achieve an aluminum/metal wine box appearance. It makes this wine box more upscale and luxurious. As the saying goes, ?Fine feathers make fine birds,? with this high-level packaging box, wine-packed inside can be treated as higher grade and sell at a higher price.

The inner box lining an EVA foam, it has the function of absorbing impact. This EVA foam will be custom cut-out so that it can fit and hold the wine bottle better. The top surface of the EVA foam has black or custom color flocking, to make it good looking.

Compared with other wine packaging box, our cardboard aluminum box for wine has advantages below:

  1. With rigid cardboard material: more cost-efficient and portable than real aluminum/metal wine box;
  2. With aluminum metallic silver appearance: more upscale and luxury than regular cardboard gift wine box;
  3. With flocked EVA foam lining: wine bottle better protected;
  4. With a metal hinge, metal lock, and metal handle: unbreakable and easy to carry.

Different sizes of such metallic-like wine box are available, please kindly let us know your bottle size, then we can choose the most suitable model for you. Custom logo service is also available.

Feel free to contact us and get this high-end wine box!