Custom Printing Cardboard Box For Donkey-hide Gelatin

Focus Features:

  • Half-covering detachable box lid
  • Specialty paperboard coating
  • Red thermal formed tray insert
  • High-quality chipboard material, straight and durable


Introducing our custom printing cardboard box designed specifically for Donkey-hide Gelatin. This box is a top and bottom style box, made of 2mm thickness greyboard with special paper, custom CMYK offset printing, and a plastic blister with a suede surface as the insert.

Not only is this box designed to provide optimal protection for your Donkey-hide Gelatin product, it is also visually appealing with its special color printing, red vacuum formed tray, and red velvet coating. The tray is designed to fit your product perfectly, ensuring that it stays in place during transport and adds to the overall presentation of your product.

With a minimum order quantity of only 500 pieces, this custom box is a great option for businesses of all sizes. The turnaround time for samples is only 7 days, with production taking 10 days. The packaging method includes a five layer corrugated paper box, providing extra protection during shipping.

Trust us to provide you with a high-quality, custom packaging solution for your Donkey-hide Gelatin product. Contact us today to place your order and start enhancing the presentation of your product.