Cardboard Foil Stamping Rigid Set-Up Box For Packing Anti-Myopia Glasses

Focus Features:


Introducing our Cardboard Foil Stamping Rigid Set-Up Box for Packing Anti-Myopia Glasses. This Linen paper-made eye box boasts a surface texture that enhances the quality of the overall product and increases its added value. To ensure a superior print quality for logos and patterns, we recommend using hot foil stamping due to the combination of special paper and conventional printing.

The outer layer of the box features distinctive red paper that easily catches customers’ attention. The upper half of the box completely covers the lower half, providing significant rigidity and protection for the glasses during transportation. Please note that this box does not include a liner; however, we offer customizable liner materials such as EVA, EPE, BLISTER, CARDBOARD, etc. We can tailor the cut-out based on your product’s size.

The MOQ for this box is 500 units, and the higher the quantity ordered, the lower the unit price. We have various paper materials available for different customer groups. Prior to mass production, we can provide a printed sample for you to confirm the quality. Mass production typically takes around 12 days, while it takes three days to produce a sample.

As a factory with extensive experience in producing glasses packaging boxes, we are confident in meeting your requirements. If you are interested in this gift box or wish to customize it based on your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.