Cardboard Gift Box For Wine And Bottle

Focus Features:

  • Wine bottles and glass gift set in box and bag
  • Two-piece lift-off lid style
  • Eco-friendly cardboard material
  • High resolution offset printing
  • Luxury matte lamination surface treatment
  • Fast lead time
  • Suitable customized insert
Let’s Customize It Now!


Cardboard Gift Box For Wine And Bottle, like a wine bottle packaging box, the most important thing is to protect the bottles and glass very well. Unless chopping this box with an ax, we should never worry about the box will be broken during transportation.

How does this box work well? Mainly from 3 aspects.

  1. Box material
    This box is made of greyboard + art paper.
    Artpaper is on the surface box, just like our skin. We do custom printing on it to make the box beautiful and attractive. As for the greyboard, it is just like our skeleton. We Shanghai Custom Packaging only use high-grade greyboard material, so that box-shaped by this paperboard is much more durable. For different client’s demands, we have a thickness of 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and 4mm for choice. And all our material can be FSC certificated, 100% environment-friendly.
  2. Box structure
    This box style is Lift-off Lid Box, we can also call it “two-piece box” or “top and bottom box” It’s very typically applied in wine packaging because this structure is very durable and stable. The lid is 100% covered on the bottom, so that edge of the box can bear more pressure.
  3. Inside insert
    There is a custom insert inside the box to hold the bottles, two functions of the insert: 1. Stop the bottles, glass, or other accessories from moving and hitting each other. 2. Absorb the impact of frequent crash and drop. Flocked EVA foam and blister are the most popular inserts for the wine box, and we also have other different kinds of insert styles to choose from. So please let us know your requirements before ordering.

Contact us to discuss more of your demands. I’m sure you will find the best solution from we SCP.

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