Cardboard Hinged Lid Rigid Gift Box With Sleeve For Packing Perfume Atomizer

Focus Features:

  • Attached lid structure
  • A separate box sleeve
  • Matte black specialty paper
  • Silver box lining
  • Optional insert
  • Suitable for any kinds of perfume products


The Cardboard Hinged Lid Rigid Gift Box With Sleeve For Packing Perfume Atomizer is a unique and creative packaging solution. The carton features an attached lid style that uses back bonding, ensuring the box stays sturdy when opened from the narrow side. The box is made of black card special paper and is stamped with a silver foil logo, giving it a high-end look. The product description, ingredients, and contact information are printed on the back of the package.

To protect the perfume spray bottle, the box features a PS plastic lining covered with black velvet. The liner mold is custom-made to ensure the spray bottle fits snugly in the liner. The interlayer of the carton is made of silver cardboard, which adds to its luxury look.

To avoid sealing the box with adhesive, a separate sleeve is used, made from the same material as the carton, creating a unified look.

The minimum order quantity for this perfume spray box is 500, and the more the order quantity, the lower the unit price. The packaging box can be customized according to your perfume bottle, from printing, paper material, size to packaging method. Our delivery period is ten days, and before mass production, we provide samples for you to confirm the quality.

We have over ten years of experience in the production of perfume packaging boxes, allowing us to propose different packaging solutions. If you are interested, please write us an email, and our professional packaging consultant will be happy to assist you.