Cardboard Magnetic Closure Box Flocked EVA Foam For Packing Bathroom Supplies

Focus Features:

  • White virgin paper made
  • Flock EVA foam insert
  • Magnetic closure
  • Matte film lamination
  • Custom foam cut-out per your product
  • Suitable for any size of Brass Port


Cardboard Magnetic Closure Box Flocked EVA Foam For Packing Bathroom Supplies, and this box is customized according to the size of Brass Port products. The box printing is very simple; only the product name and brand name are printed on the front of the box.

Starting from receiving the customer’s inquiry, we have conducted many rounds of consultation. After obtaining the 3D design drawing of the product from the customer, our packaging structure engineer also carried out the lining mold design simultaneously. The liner produced perfectly matches the customer’s products and has been highly praised by the customers. This gift box is made of cardboard, is environmentally friendly and can be reused, and is closed with a magnet sheet.
The minimum order quantity of this gift box is 1000, and the delivery time is ten days. Before mass production, we can provide a sample for customers to confirm the quality. Sample production takes three days, if you confirm the order, we can provide examples for free.

You can also customize based on this gift box to package other products. The size, lining, and color of the gift box can be customized.

With more than ten years of experience in the production of Brass Port, we can propose different packaging solutions, and you will be interested in one of them. If you are ready, please write us an email, the company’s professional packaging consultant will be able to satisfy you.