Cardboard Paper Tube With Tin Cap For Packing Scented Candle

Focus Features:

  • Aroma theme printing
  • Gold foil stamping
  • Anti-rust oil painting on the iron caps
  • Fully customizable
  • Suitable for any kinds of Scented candle packing


Cardboard Paper Tube With Tin Cap For Packing Scented Candle, the size of this paper tube is 12cm inner diameter and 18cm high. The paper tube is lined inside to prevent the Scented Candle from shaking during re-transport. The paper tube is composed of two parts, namely the tube body and the iron cover. The main body of the paper tube is made of cardboard, and the raw material of the iron cover is iron sheet and anti-rust oil.

Since Scented Candle is a high-end product, it requires packaging without defects. So we coated a layer of anti-rust oil on the iron cover to prevent the iron cover from rusting and causing rust spots on the paper tube. Besides, we fixed the iron cover at the bottom to the pipe body in advance so that customers only need to put the product in and seal the iron cover at the top.

This paper tube is very beautifully printed and is the work of a professional designer. No matter how many colors of design drawings are provided by customers, we can print realistically. We can provide linings of various materials to protect your products from any damage.

The delivery time of this scented candle paper tube is 13 days. If your order quantity exceeds 50,000, the delivery time is slightly longer. The minimum order quantity is 500, the higher the order quantity, the lower the unit price. Before mass production, we can provide samples for you to confirm the quality.

Are you interested in the paper tubes we produce? Please write us an email! Our five-star praise pre-sale customer service will make you satisfied.