Cardboard Snack Stadium Super Bowl

Focus Features:

  • Perfect Food Tray for tailgating, parties, youth sporting events, school function, and SUPERBOWL.
  • Assemble In Minutes
  • Display size 30cm* 26cm*9cm
  • For easy cleanup, use a standard aluminum 12*18 pan.
  • Water-base ink printing, eco-friendly and recyclable.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Description of Cardboard Snack Stadium Super Bowl

The cardboard snack stadium fully designed & craft by Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd, together with a master box for retail packaging. Single wall corrugated cardboard, strong and stable. Water-based oil printing can be fully recycled after use. The cardboard can fit standard pan size, for easy using. Some people also call it cardboard SUPERBOWL.

Useful Information