Custom Printed Rigid Cardboard Tray With Plastic Sleeve For Packing Electronic Device Kit

Focus Features:

  • Customized cut-out EVA foam for smart devices
  • Clear plastic sleeve
  • The pull-up-able insert
  • Printable on the plastic sleeve
  • Bespoke box size
  • Custom master carton supplied to meet UPS standard

The Custom Printed Rigid Cardboard Tray With Plastic Sleeve For Packing Electronic Device Kit is sold to a brand company in the United States. Since their products are small electronic devices, customers need to be able to see them in the packaging box before buying. The customer required that the sleeve outside the gift box must be transparent.

Our traditional drawer boxes are made of cardboard. For this box, we needed to adjust the die-cut template accordingly to fit the plastic sleeve perfectly. Since electronic products are easily scratched, we used soft EVA lining to protect against scratches. The box contains four electronic products, and we added corresponding product name printing under each slot to make it easier for customers to distinguish between the products. Additionally, the sticker covers the uneven texture of the EVA surface, which improves the overall aesthetics of the packaging box.

The EVA lining has lift-up handles on both ends, which allows customers to lift the whole piece of EVA. Underneath the EVA is a set of product instructions.

Only the drawer part of the whole packaging box is printed, which is simple but includes instructional printing where necessary. If you need to customize this box for other products, the printed content can be changed according to your file. We can provide samples before mass production or 3D rendering.

To better protect the carton during transportation, we packed these gift boxes in extra-rigid five-layer corrugated cardboard boxes, and each box was individually packed into a PP bag. If necessary, we can deliver these products to your door using our shipping partners.