Cardboard Tubes

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team offer a wide range of cardboard tubes, also called poster tube, shipping tubes, mailing tubes, custom cardboard cylinder box and postal tubes. Made from multiple Kraft paper or Yarn tube paper or white virgin paperboard, glue the paper layers together then shape to round tube. It can be simple round paper tube used for the core of tapes, Yarn, plastic film and so on. It also can be tube packaging, for medical using, packing using, wine bottle packaging, and flower packaging.

Paper Tubes | Long Paper Tube | large cardboard tubes | Cardboard tubes

Cut into pieces, be a core of round wrapping materials, it is customized in size and printing. The size of a paper tube includes length, thickness, and diameter.

long paper tubes,large cardboard tubes

Long paper tubes.

brown kraft paper tube,cardboard tube supplier

How to measure a paper tube.

If you need to add printing on the surface, it’s not able to print directly on the paper tube, but print the paper firstly, and then laminate it onto the paper tube. We have 2 opinions on offset printing and flexo printing. Offset printing, we print on the laminated paper- always be 250gsm to 400gsm CCNB paper, and glue it onto the paper tube. Flexo printing, we always print it on the white Kraft paper or brown Kraft paper and then laminate onto the paper tube. For clear tape, it is a good idea to print, as the customer will see your brand through the tape.

Brown Paper Tubes Inside White | cardboard tube packaging

Brown paper tube inside white,cardboard tube packaging

Finished tubes packaging, outside brown inside white. cardboard postal tubes, poster mailing tubes.

White Kraft Paper Tubes | Packing tubes | cardboard tubes

White Kraft paper tube,cardboard tubes

Outside white inside brown color packaging tube box, long cardboard tubes.

Color Printed Paper Tubes | heavy duty cardboard tubes

Printed paper tubes,heavy duty cardboard tubes

Always used for cosmetic packaging, pen packaging or T-shirt packaging.

Tube Packaging | Paper Tube Boxes | Paper Drums |Mailer Tubes | Tube packaging

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a professional and reliable China supplier of paper tube packaging. A lot of products are being shipped by paper tube packaging, with 2 side’s closure by a paper plate or plastic lid, it is called tube box or mailer tube. If your products are fragile, such as glass, paints, iron bar, or your products fear of water and moisture, you need to consider the paper tube box, round and easy to storage. If the diameter too big, no longer called paper tube, but paper drum or paper cans.

Paper Drum For Beer | packaging tubes

Paper drum for beer,packaging tubes

For ice cube and beer bottle, gifting packaging, custom paper tubes, made for PERONI Italy.

Flowers Packaging Tube Paper Drum

Flowers packaging tube paper drum,cardboard shipping tubes

Base + body + lid, 3 pieces, make the box very solid!

Tea Packaging Tube Boxes | cardboard tube packaging

Tea packaging tube box,thick cardboard tubes

Healthy products packaging tube, with lift-off lid.

Paper Tube Packaging Box | cardboard shipping tubes

Paper tube Packaging box,paper tube packaging

Game box, family game packaging tube, paper tube packaging.

Chocolate Packaging Paper Tubes | thick cardboard tubes

Chocolate packaging paper tube,postal tubes

Chocolate packaging tube, with 2 sides closure lid.

Paper Tube Boxes For Badminton | Incense sticks

Paper tube box for badminton,poster tube

Common packaging for badminton, incense sticks, could be customized printing.

Wine Bottle Packaging Tubes | postal tubes | poster tube

wine bottle packaging tube

Compare to wine gift packaging box, it saves a lot of shipping costs.

Medical Bottle Drum Paper Tube Packaging

medical bottle drum paper tube box

Spot UV on logo, black printed paper tubes packaging.

Candy Packaging Tubes

candy packaging tube

It’s tube packaging solution, include big box tubes and small box tubes.

Pharmacy Taper Tubes

pharmacy paper tube

Circle the bandage or other medical products onto.

Design for paper tube packaging

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a cardboard tube supplier, offer professional paper tube design for our customers. As the paper tube is simple, so it is easy to create the artwork for paper drum, paper cans or paper tube box. Put the images on the layout we offer you, then mark the color CMYK or PMS, and the design finished.

Paper tube drum artwork design

Paper tube drum artwork design
With years’ experience, Box Packing Solution team can offer you different kinds of tube packaging, and suggestions of lid material (plastic, paper, iron, wooden lid).

Notice of Paper Tube Packaging | Tube Boxes

Does your tube box stand out from the rest? Does it catch the shopper’s eye?

(How to give an eye-catching twist to your retail paper tube boxes?)
Well, it should and scream out to the shopper… SEE ME, HERE I AM! Even if the shopper passes on your product, its image is in their head. In the future, when the need arises they will search for the image that caught their attention. It is the dream of every manufacturer, instant brand recognition. An effective market strategy includes media, print, and most importantly an effective product packaging strategy. As your packaging expert, we will give it the visual recognition to make it stand out. Here are a few tips we would like to pass along to you.

Don’t wait until the last minute, jump-start your product.

Deadlines have a bad habit of creeping up on us; at the last minute, we must brainstorm to come up with something with an eye-catching twist. A very effective tool is to keep an Idea File and jot down notes for design ideas, catchy logos, etc., as they occur to you. Ask your employees do this as well and reward them when their ideas are good. Do this from the early days of product inception to the present. When a deadline approaches, you will have a rich source of great ideas; It only takes one to have a winner on the shelves.

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Good, creative packaging tubes come in all shapes and sizes, and a design idea can be born from watching a television show, a walk in the woods or just paying attention to mother nature. We would never condone copying another company’s packaging. The creative process is often sparked by a boxed widget’s flair for bold color influencing how you envision your pasta packaging. Sometimes, ideas, borrowed from a totally different marketplace, will spawn the concept for your award-winning package design.

Hit a home run!

When your packaging gets the shoppers attention that is great… it’s what you want. When it creates instant interest, and the shopper thinks… What’s in the paper tube box? You have just picked the winning lottery number and hit a home run. They may well buy your product out of curiosity, but, at the very least, your product’s image will remain in their mind’s eye; at some point, they will buy it. Stand back and objectively look at your packaging. Does it inspire the customer to pick it up? Or to buy it outright? If not, you have come to the right packaging company, Shanghai Custom Packaging.

Don’t let your product get lost in the design!

All the bells and whistles in the world will not do you any good if the consumer cannot, in an instant, clearly identify what your product is. For example, most pasta has similar packaging tube boxes. Your packaging tube clearly sticks out on the shelf, and the shopper’s eye goes right to it. But the text and your brand name are not clearly visible. Annoyed, they put the tube box back and shift their gaze to one that is easily identifiable. While your packaging should be highly effective, you don’t want your product to lose its identity and fade into obscurity.

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Our expert package designers are ready to help.

Your product will be a hit because you know your marketplace better than anyone and the need your product will satisfy. Experience and creativity have gotten you this far, now, partner with our designers to take your winner to the finish line. Our designers, working hand-in-hand with you, will design and implement a highly successful presence on the shelves. Although an added conception or production cost, bringing your product to market faster with superior brand recognition is worth its weight in gold.
Feel free to contact with Box packing solution team for more ideas talking and brainstorm, we should be your guy!