Cheap Christmas Gift Box

Focus Features:

  • Special pattern printing
  • Glossy coating
  • Address & name box
  • Small MOQ and short lead time
  • FSC Certified paperboard material


This cheap Christmas gift box is made of 1200gsm gray board, and 157 gsm coated paper. It is printed on the inside and outside. The light blue surface is matched with the red interior, which is gorgeous and eye-catching.

Exquisite printing, plus color stripes correctly set on one side of the box, accurate color matching, the gift box is lined with paper inserts, comes with custom cut-out, and the blank document parts, exclusive to every customer who opens the gift box, surprise Spontaneously.

The surface of the carton is covered with matte film and local UV treatment to highlight the brightness of the snowman pattern. The half-height lid allows customers to open the gift box better. The edges are perfectly flawless, the vertical angle cut is accurate, and the overall process is exquisite. Exported to many countries in Europe and America, with more than ten years of packaging experience, the Xmas box quality is rock solid. It can be used to package small products, fixed on the interior insert.

The box will be packed into a separate PE bag, one box in one bag, and then put into a five-layer kraft paper box and finally loaded onto a pallet to ensure proper transportation. Sample proof can choose digital proofing/machine proofing/no printing proofing, multiple schemes to meet your requirements, delivery time is 7 to 10 days, you can ask a rush-order service.