Cheap Christmas Gift Box

Focus Features:

  • Special pattern printing
  • Glossy coating
  • Address & name box
  • Small MOQ and short lead time
  • FSC Certified paperboard material


This cheap Christmas gift box is crafted from durable 1200gsm gray board and coated with 157gsm paper. Its exterior and interior are adorned with beautiful light blue and red colors, respectively, creating an eye-catching contrast.

The box features exquisite printing, with perfectly aligned color stripes on one side that pop against the light blue background. A custom-cut paper insert is included, with blank areas that can be personalized for each recipient, creating a delightful surprise for anyone who opens the gift box.

To enhance its visual appeal, the box is finished with a matte film and local UV treatment that brings out the snowman pattern’s brightness. The lid opens effortlessly thanks to its half-height design, while the edges boast precise cuts and flawless finishing.

With over ten years of experience in packaging, our Xmas box has been exported to many countries in Europe and America, and its quality is guaranteed. It’s ideal for packing small products, and you can even secure them inside the box using the interior insert.

We’ll pack each box in a separate PE bag and then place them in a five-layer kraft paper box before loading them onto a pallet to ensure safe transportation. We offer several sample proofing options, including digital and machine proofing, or no printing proofing. We’ll complete the samples in 7 to 10 days, and we also offer a rush-order service upon request.