Chrismas Color Printed Paper Bags

Focus Features:

  • Gloss coating on the full paper bag
  • Custom die-cut Xmas shape
  • Xmas theme color nylon handle
  • Buy bags get extra gift cards
  • FSC Certified paper material


Chrismas Color Printed Paper Bags are made of 300gsm white cardboard, thickened at the bottom, can bear 10kg. Green nylon rope with red paper bag, eye-catching, and fresh, multi-strand nylon rope is secure. Santa’s head is slightly protruding from the edge of the paper bag, which is both cute and novel. The red printing is festive outside, and the green and white vertical stripes printed on the paper bag reflect the nylon rope.

A series of paper bags can be customized to meet customers’ different size requirements and different design needs. The surface of the paper bag is covered with glossy film, high-grade, and durable. It is mainly used for the packaging of Christmas gifts and Christmas costumes, elegant and straightforward. The delivery period of this paper bag is about ten days, 5 to 7 days of proofing; the free layout is provided for customers to design. The minimum quantity can be 500, the more quantity, the better prices.

The outer packaging box is a five-layer thickened corrugated box, which is delivered to your door and quality guaranteed for 180 days. Our company has been engaged in the packaging industry for more than ten years, mainly exporting to Europe and the United States and other countries, the quality is trustworthy, we promise to return all unqualified products.