Christmas Decoration Products Shipping Box With Perforation Line

Focus Features:

  • Matt lamination for water-proof
  • Perforation line
  • Thick cardboard material
  • Foldable in shipping & storage
  • FSC certified material


The Christmas decoration products shipping box is made of 3 layers of corrugated paper. The surface paper uses 300gsm CCNB paper for printing custom patterns. The core paper is corrugated kraft paper, and the inner paper is thick kraft paper. This corrugation is B flute with a thickness of 3mm. The RSC style packaging box is simple and saves transportation costs.

The unique feature of this carton is the design of the perforation line, which can be used as a display box by tearing off the upper part of the box by hand. It is generally used for the packaging of supermarket shelf products. When transported, it is a standard carton. After the transport is completed, it can be turned into a display box. One box is dual-use. The surface is printed with a red Christmas theme. It is simple and elegant. The surface of the carton uses UV oil to make the colors brighter.

The printing equipment is a German Roland printing machine, with quality assurance, accurate color, and no color difference compared with the color template. The outer packaging is made of kraft paper, placed flat on the pallet, and the entire pallet is reinforced with LDPE wrapping film to ensure that it reaches your hands safely.

Our company has been engaged in the packaging industry for more than ten years. Most of the packaging products are mainly exported to European and American countries. We have customized packaging for many big brands, such as Mercedes-Benz and Gucci. The quality is trustworthy.