Christmas Gift Bottle Packaging Box With Detachable Lid

Focus Features:

  • The 3D bottle on the box surface
  • Mixed color printing
  • Vertical pattern printing
  • Matte coating
  • FSC Certified cardboard raw material


The Christmas Gift Bottle Packaging Box, the material used is 3mm Greyboard, laminated with fine art paper, lid & bottom style is more convenient for customers to open the carton. For printing, the color mixing style is adopted, and the lid is selected in warm colors, giving customers a warm feeling and highlighting the theme of food.

A raised frame is carefully designed on the cover, which is as fashionable as the stitching of clothes. The bottom uses the stripes commonly used in food packaging boxes, and beige gives a fresh and playful feeling. The matching of the lid and the bottom, the overall effect of the gift box is atmospheric and high-end.
The inside of the box is printed with light yellow, which is the style of cream products.

By providing 3D renderings, you can clearly see the product structure before you order samples, in order to make the necessary design changes. Once the design is confirmed, it only takes seven days to complete the prototype.

Generally, the outer packaging of the gift box is a five-layer thick corrugated box, and we provide transportation to the door to ensure quality and quantity. Our company has exported gift boxes to Europe and the United States for more than ten years and has been highly appreciated by customers.

The most important thing is our responsible attitude. We will provide a five-star service to customers who trust us.

The MOQ start from 500 pieces, and fully customizable!