Christmas Gift Packaging Box And Bag

Focus Features:

  • The fancy color printing
  • Semi-gloss coating all-over the box and bag
  • Nylon handles
  • Eco-friendly paper stock


Christmas Gift Packaging Box And Bag, this set of packaging includes a custom boutique gift box with colorful raffia paper and a beautiful paper bag. The dazzling gift box design, with pink as the theme, colorful feathers, and flowers clustered around the LOGO, attracted the attention of customers.

The material of the gift box is 1200gsm greyboard framed with 157gsm coated paper, and the interior is pure white art paper. Rafi paper is available in a variety of colors, with the primary color of the gift box. The paper bag uses 300gsm white cardboard, and the handle is golden nylon rope, which is noble and atmospheric.
The whole package is a classic three-piece set of high-end products.

It is suitable for packing women’s products, such as cosmetics and perfumes. The delivery time of the entire package takes 12 to 15 days. Our company can provide a die-cut template for customers to design, and can also provide 3D renderings. The whole set of packaging boxes needs to ensure that the respective colors match, to ensure the printing quality, and there is no color difference.

The carton forming work is done by experienced workers to ensure quality products. The outer packaging of the gift box is a five-layer thick corrugated box. We can transport it to your door and guarantee quality and quantity.