Christmas Gift Packaging Paper Bag

Focus Features:

  • Coffee color printed bags
  • Matte frosting coating, a kind of soft-touch finish
  • FSC Certified paper material
  • MOQ from 500 pieces
  • Short lead time


The Christmas Gift Packaging Paper Bag is made of 300gsm white cardboard, with a cardboard piece at the bottom to reinforce the bag. The primary color of the bag is brown, and it features star elements for shading. The entire surface of the bag is covered with printing, without any whiteness or color difference.

The logo is highlighted in white, and the surface of the bag is coated with matte film for a high-grade and durable finish. These bags are mainly used for wrapping Christmas gifts and costumes, and the wide ribbon handle feels silky and comfortable for customers.

Overall, the printing effect is simple and luxurious, and the bottom of the bag features a white design for adding logos, environmental information, production addresses, and other details. The production time for mass quantities of these bags is around ten days, with sample production taking 5 to 7 days. We provide a free die-cut template for customer design and also offer 3D renderings.

The minimum quantity for orders is 500, and the more ordered, the lower the price. We pack the bags neatly in five-layer thick kraft paper boxes and offer door-to-door transportation. Our company maintains strict quality control and has vast experience in cooperating with big brands. Most of our products are exported to Europe and the United States, where they receive consistent praise.