Christmas Gift Shipping Box With Gold Foil Stamping

Focus Features:


The Christmas Gift Shipping Box is available in both black and white versions, with black offering a mysterious look and white providing a pure appearance. The drawer box style allows customers to open the box quickly and adds an element of fun to the experience.

This product is made with 2mm greyboard coated with 157gsm art paper. The box’s surface is printed in black, while the cover features hot stamping for a high-end and luxurious feel. The inside of the carton is printed with dark colors to match, and light-colored raffia shredded paper is used to fill the box, creating a visually appealing color contrast. The overall style of the carton is high-end, with accurate colors and perfect wrapping, making it ideal for delicate gift packaging.

The minimum order quantity for this product is 500, although 300 is possible in exceptional cases. We provide 3D renderings and die-cut templates for free, and customers can choose between digital proofing, machine proofing, or no-print proofing for their samples. Most customers opt for digital proofing, which offers high quality at a low price. The proofing time is seven days, and mass production takes around ten days. If you require a shorter delivery time, please inform us in advance.

We use five-layer thick cartons for outer packaging and provide door-to-door delivery. The gift box and raffia are packed separately and can be packed together in the gift box to save space if required.