Christmas Red Color Gift Box For Lipstick

Focus Features:

  • Double layer box bottom, protect and organize the small folding cartons well
  • Christmas red color printing over the box
  • A match-to-size bag
  • Sustainable cardboard material
  • Shipping in flat


The Christmas red color gift box for lipstick includes a custom boutique gift box plus a beautiful paper bag with a matching size. The material of the gift box is 1200gsm CCNB board with 157gsm special paper. The surface of the box is covered with matte film, high-grade and exquisite, and the red theme has an energetic festive atmosphere.

EVA is stuck around the inside of the gift box to protect the product and can hold ten lipsticks. Each lipstick is individually packed in a white cardboard box, with a circular cutout design, you can see the lipstick number. The gift box comes with a paper bag of the same model, using 300gsm white cardboard material and black nylon rope.

The classic combination of red and black makes the overall effect elegant. The lead time for the entire package takes 12 to 15 days. Our company can provide a free die-cut template for customers to design, and can also provide 3D renderings. The most important thing for the set products is the matching of different packaging colors. Our printing machine is the highest-end German Roland printing machine in the industry, which guarantees the printing quality and no color difference.

In the manual molding, it is operated by skilled workers to ensure quality. In terms of the outer packaging, we are also very strict, using the most pressure-resistant five-layer corrugated box to ensure that the product is intact.