Christmas Red Color Printed Box For Gifts

Focus Features:

  • Folding carton style
  • Tuck front opening
  • Matte lamination coating
  • Shipping in the flat type, assembled by the end.
  • Sustainable material


The Christmas Red Color Printed Box is made of 350gsm art paper. The box shape is Tuck Top. It is simple and easy to fold. The bayonet design saves the raw materials to the greatest extent.

This box can be tiled and packaged, and it can be folded without glue. single-sided printing, red background with a white snowman, to add to the festive atmosphere. The inside of the box is pure and flawless. The tab is designed with a bayonet, which is convenient for customers to open the carton, and also locks the package firmly to avoid bouncing: accurate color printing, no exposed white spots, precise die-cutting, no burrs.

The surface is covered with matte film, the overall simplicity, suitable for lightweight packaging products such as socks and gloves. We can provide a free die-cut template. After receiving your design file, we will complete the production in just seven days. The minimum quantity of this type of folding carton is 1,000, and the outer packaging uses five-layer reinforced corrugated boxes.

We can provide door-to-door service. Our white card carton is exported to Europe and the United States all year-round, and it has been well received for more than ten years. The price is better than peers, one-to-one service, giving you the best buying experience.