Christmas Season Gift Box With Gold Foil Stamping

Focus Features:

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The material of the Christmas Season Gift Box With Gold Foil Stamping is composed of 2mm gray board mounted 157gsm coated paper. The whole surface of the box is printed in black. The lid is covered with gold foil stamping. The design of Phnom Penh is novel and unique, showing noble quality. The embellishments of little stars are paired with cartoon Christmas stockings, which are cute and high-end.

The color printing position is precise, and the gold edge is perfectly inlaid around the cover, as gorgeous as jewelry. The lid does not completely cover the bottom of the box, but partially covers it, which allows consumers to open the box more easily.

The minimum quantity of this customized packaging box is 500, and we provide free 3D renderings and die-cut template. When ordering samples, you can choose digital proofing/machine proofing/no printing proofing. Most customers choose digital proofing, high quality, and low price.

The proofing time is seven days, and the bulk goods time is about ten days. If you are in a hurry, please inform us in advance to arrange a production plan. The outer packaging uses a five-layer thick carton, and we provide door-to-door service. Our company has been engaged in the packaging industry for more than ten years, and most of them are exported to European and American countries.

We have customized packaging for many big names, such as Mercedes-Benz, Gucci, L’Oreal, etc., the quality is trustworthy.

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