Christmas Style Printing Shoe Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Christmas color printing
  • Matt coating
  • Shiny gold foil stamping
  • Full-covering lid
  • Shredded paper optional
  • Individual packed into a carton for shipping


The Christmas Style Printing Shoe Packaging Box is made of 1200 grams of the gray board and 157 grams of coated paper. The material is environmentally friendly and recyclable and can bear 20kg of product.

The surface pattern is printed according to the customer’s design, with high-quality printing, no bumps, and no color difference. The inside of the box is white and flawless, and the printed patterns can be customized. We will manually paste it clean and tidy, cut corners vertically, and beautifully wrap the edges.

Matte film surface treatment, high-end luxury. The Christmas-style packaging box is full of Christmas themes. Using this packaging can maximize the use of the Christmas promotion environment to increase product sales.

The top and bottom box type can perfectly wrap the product and protect the product from impact. The sponge lining can also be customized according to the shape of the product. This type of box can be used to pack a couple of gifts, children’s toys, novelty figures, and Christmas gifts. Shredded Raffia paper can be added inside to increase surprise and romance.

The outer packaging uses five layers of reinforced corrugated kraft paper, pallet packaging, and wrapping film sealing to ensure that the product is intact during transportation. In terms of minimum quantity, 500 sets are available, the large size can be small, and sincere partners can discuss. Contact us to be the first one today!