Christmas Tree Shape Rigid Gift Box

Focus Features:

  • Christmas tree shape box
  • Holographic laser film paper coating
  • Lift-off lid style
  • Shiny box style
  • Available on Amazon


The Christmas Tree Shape Rigid Gift Box has a high level of craftsmanship. The material is made of 157gsm coated paper with two millimeters of the whiteboard on the white background. The corners are all hand-bonded, beautifully wrapped, and seamless.

The grid pattern stitches various cartoon elements, which is very eye-catching. The bottom of the box is printed in rose red, matching red and green, with a high-end atmosphere. The overall novelty is like a work of art. The carton is clean and tidy with perfect details.

If you need to customize printing on the basis of this box, we can provide 3D renderings for free before proofing. Such special-shaped box proofing time is longer than the conventional gift box, and it takes 10 to 12 days, mass production time needs 15 to 20 days Because it takes longer to make by hand. The special-shaped box is packed with a separate PE bag and then packed into a five-layer thick kraft paper box.

Finally, put it on the pallet, wrap the pallet around with the wrapping film, so as to ensure the transportation is intact.

We provide a home delivery service. From design to quality inspection, we track the whole process. Quality can be traced back to every link.