CMYK Printing Cardboard Packing Box For Wireless Speakers

Focus Features:

  • Matt lamination
  • Thick paperboard
  • Customized printing per artwork
  • The insert can be designed to secure Your product
  • Small MOQ to start


CMYK Printed Cardboard Packing Box for Wireless Speakers is available in Snap Lock Bottom Box Style. It is made of 300gsm ivory board material and has Custom CMYK Printing with matte lamination. The box can be used for packaging speakers and small appliances. The minimum order quantity for this type of box is 500 pieces, and the turnaround time is seven days for the sample and ten days for production. The packing method for the box is kraft cartons. We can modify the design and size of the box to meet your product requirements. If your product is too heavy, we may need to use thicker paperboard.