The Coffee Packaging In Retail Box type, Drawer Box Type, Gift Box Type, Or Even In Round Tube Type.

The global coffee market is anticipated to reach US$134.25 billion in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 5.32% for the period spanning 2020-2024.

-Quote from the businesswire

When the coffee bean and coffee powder focus on the different blend of the coffee, we are focus on how to improve the packaging appearance, to enhance the sales for them.

In the world of packaging, there are more than 20 kinds of coffee box styles, and you may get lost in sourcing and comparing. Some photos of the boxes may attract you, but what if photos with description?

Today, you are on the page for a detailed description of such coffee packaging boxes. We show you different types, different printing, as well as various advantages of the coffee packaging box.

  1. Rigid Setup Boxes For Coffee
  2. Folding Cartons For Coffee
  3. Corrugated Cardboard Box For Coffee
  4. Cardboard Tube For Coffee
Rigid Set-up Boxes For Packing Coffee Bean and Powder

The rigid setup boxes are made from thick cardboard, and the whole box can be customized in different colors, as well as printing coating. It’s an excellent choice to use them as a gift box, or a retail box.

We offered 2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/10mm thick cardboard for you and made the box. It can be a drawer box style, magnetic closure style, lift-off lid style, and unique box shape. Below are a few references. You can pick-up one model, and contact us to change them to your brand, made-to-size. MOQ from 250 pieces.

3D Gold Foil Stamping Cardboard Drawer Box For Luwak Coffee

The packing box is made of 2mm thick CCWB cardboard coated with 157gsm art paper, and laminate the surface with a matte film.

The hot stamping line is along the edge of the top of the box, 5 mm from the corner, and the position is accurate to the design.

The LOGO and cat pictures have been embossed and have a strong three-dimensional effect. The box type is a drawer box, the surface of the drawer is printed in black, and the box is mounted with white paper, which is clean and tidy.

We install the black ribbon tab on the drawer to facilitate customers to open the carton. The four corners of the box are vertical and wrap the edges perfectly. The hardness of the material is very suitable.

The inside of the carton can also be customized with paper insert or cut-out EVA foam to protect the product.


Custom Gift Box For Coffee Kit

This model is a gift set packaging box, the box style is top & bottom, and the material is 2mm gray board laminated with 157gsm printed paper.

Four-color offset printing on the outside, matte film, V-groove design, white without printing on the neck, white gaps can be seen after closing the carton.

The carton is customized with a blister lining according to the shape of the product. To highlight the high-end box effect, the surface of the coating is black flocked to hold glass products, which is both beautiful and practical.

Since custom blister requires mold opening, the minimum order quantity of blister is 3000. If you don’t want so many, you can choose paper card lining or EVA lining. The minimum order quantity for the carton itself is 500 pieces.


Custom Printed Cardboard Box For Organic Coffee Powder

The box is made from 2mm thick rigid cardboard, customizable printing. It contains several dividers, for packing an individual pack of the coffee powder.

There is a gold foil stamping on the box front side, which is eye-catching. You can customize the logo and color of the stamping.


Custom Rigid Neck Gift Box For Coffee Powder

The box is a kind of rigid neck box style, with exposed inner tray. From the photo, you can see the gold inner box, and the pink inner box showed up when you close the lid.

The coffee box is extraordinary. Firstly, there is nano printing (reverse UV printing) on the lid of the box. Meanwhile, the spot UV and gold color hold foil stamping are surrounding the nano printing. When you touch the box, you will feel a strong matte/frosted feeling.


Luxury Hinged Lid Gift Box For Luwak Coffee Powder

The hinged lid coffee powder set packaging box made from 3mm thick rigid cardboard, and there is a coffee color paper coating on the cardboard.

There is a ribbon stick with the lid and the box tray. When you open the box, the lid will be hanging in the air.

The gift box set includes several small rigid boxes to pack coffee powder, and they are being called “top and bottom boxes


Customized Magnetic Closure Gift Box For Coffee Set

It’s a gift box for the coffee mug set, contains a mug, spoon, as well as a heater.

The box is a magnetic closure style, and the 3M magnetic plate is hidden into the cardboard. You can’t notice it until you open or close the box.

There is a thermal formed plastic tray, red color with flocked velvet seems cushion style. The tray formed with three sections to place the coffee mug gift set.


Folding Cartons For Coffee

The folding cartons are optional for retail sales and large quantity sales. It has a lightweight feature, which brings the box with proper pricing, short lead time, and cheap transportation fee.

The folding carton is very flexible in size and printing, you can random design on the box interior and exterior, as well as using a sustainable paper material. MOQ from only one piece.

Americano Coffee Powder Packaging Box With Handle

This box is made of 350gsm special paper, the surface is frosted, it feels obvious when touched, and the inner box is white.

The outside of the carton is printed in black, white, and red, with noticeable color effects. After the LOGO is embossed, the three-dimensional effect of the box is increased.

The carton is a Snap bottom box style, and the top of the box has a cut-out paper handle, which is convenient for customers to carry.

A tear line is designed on the side. After the consumer tears it apart, the coffee can be taken from this position, which is similar to a storage box, simple and easy to use.


Cardboard Box For Coffee Capsules

The material used for the carton is 350gsm white cardboard with a thickness of 0.5mm. The whole package is long and thin, suitable for Tuck End box type, easy for customers to open.

The paper surface is printed in four colors, covered with a matte film, and has soft touch. The die-cutting place is neat, without burrs, and easy to assemble, which is very suitable for the packaging of fast-moving consumer goods. The carton can be flattened and packed, saving freight and storage space.


Cardboard Folding Box Carton For Light Coffee Powder

The material of this box is 350gsm white cardboard, with customized printing on the outside and pure white on the inside.

Suitable for packaging of medicines and foods. The box type is snap bottom and tuck top, which is mostly used for fast-moving consumer goods packaging. This box type is easy to fold and convenient for workers to fill products.

Four-color printing on the surface of the carton, the primary colors are coffee and yellow, highlighting the theme of coffee, giving consumers a warm feeling, and helping to promote sales. The surface is covered with a matte film, and the LOGO is hot foil stamped, which is high-end and eye-catching.


Cardboard Folding Carton For Refillable Coffee Cup

This carton packaging can hold the product thoroughly and prevent the product from shaking during carton transportation.

The material is 400gsm white cardboard, which is a relatively thick paper, which can make the carton more load-bearing.

The surface is printed in four colors, the primary color is black, and the coffee cup pattern is bright, striking against the black background, just like the protagonist under the spotlight.

Matte film treatment on the printing surface, LOGO bumping, local UV. The die-cutting is accurate. The cross-section is smooth and has no burrs.


CMYK Printed Sliding Box For Coffee Powder

The coffee powder package on the picture is a drawer box type. It is divided into two parts, the envelope, and the drawer.

The material is 350gsm white cardboard. The sleeve is four-color printing, covered with matte film. LOGO partial UV gloss oil, which is obvious on the black background.

The drawer is white without printing because the drawer is in the sleeve when the carton is closed.

The box can be folded and is easy to assemble. The die-cutting is accurate so that the four corners of the carton are vertical after folding, without visible gaps.


Corrugated Cardboard Box With Handle For Coffee Powder

The material of this box is a special paper with a matte surface and a soft touch film.

The box type is snap bottom and carry handle top, and the box is designed with a cut-out handle, which is convenient for consumers to carry.

Black printed background on the surface, white text printing, LOGO with foil stamping and embossing on the front, luxurious and high-end.

An easy-to-tear die-cutting line is designed on the side, and consumers can quickly get coffee by tearing it open.


Custom Branded Paper Box For Coffee Powder

The custom-branded coffee packaging box is a full-over flap style, which is a particularly protective product packaging. This kind of carton is suitable for an automatic packaging machine; packing and sealing can be done at one time.

The material of the carton is 300gsm white cardboard material with four-color printing on the surface. Our printing machine is a German Heidelberg four-color printing machine. The printing quality is high, and there is no color difference in the same batch of printing.

The coffee box is covered with a matte film, and the overall style is simple. Two sizes are designed to hold different quantities of coffee powder bags.


Custom Cardboard Drawer Box Carton For Coffee Beans

The picture shows a drawer box type. Both the sleeve and the drawer are printed with coffee bean patterns, the surface is covered with a matte film, and the LOGO is partially UV, which looks bright and attracts consumers’ attention.

The envelope is designed with an opening at one end instead of the traditional double opening. There is no need to stick stickers on both ends. The drawer is pasted with a small silk handle, which is convenient for customers to open. The color of the handle is brown.


Custom Folding Box For Instant Coffee Powder

Cardboard material: 350gsm art paper, the thickness is 0.48mm.

The surface of the carton is printed in four colors, covered with a matte film, and LOGO is hot stamped, which is eye-catching.

The box type is Reverse Tuck End style, easy to fold and save paper materials.

For small-size packaging, we can do co-printing to save costs. No printing inside the carton, pure white and clean, suitable for food packaging, medicine, or small toys. This carton has a short production time and a low MOQ.


Custom Folding Carton Box For Milk Coffee Bean

MOQ from 500 pieces, the more order quantity, the better pricing. We can do co-printing to save costs for you if you have more than two designs.

Lead time is 3-7 days, and we accept rush-order.


Custom Folding Carton For Italian Coffee Powder

Gold metallic printing, straight tuck end box style. The outside can be fully customized per your artwork, as well as the interior print.


Custom Gable Top Box For Coffee Beans

The is a takeaway coffee bean packaging box, with the snap bottom style, and gable top closure.

There is a lock-tab on the box to secure the coffee beans from jumping out of the packaging when moving.

The box is made from textured specialty paper, vertical pattern all-over the box, special touch-feeling than the regular cardboard.

We can offer FSC certified paper material for you if you have special requests on the material eco-friendly.


Custom Matte Printed Folding Carton For Coffee Powder

The material of this box is a unique matte material with a shiny surface and a high-quality touch.

A lock-tab is designed at the opening of the box, and the bottom is a buckle shape, which is easy to assemble.

The surface of the box is printed in four colors, with a dark blue theme and white fonts, allowing consumers to identify product information. The matte material has its luster, and the inside of the box is white, clean, and tidy.

The box can be customized with paper card lining or blister lining.


Custom Paper Carton For White Coffee Powder

Straight tuck end box style, made from 350gsm CCNB paperboard, recyclable and durable. The box can be printed on the outside only, the interior is a grey color.


Customized Folding Carton For Americano Coffee Powder

The Americano coffee packaging box is made from white virgin paperboard. CMYK printed. It could be customized printing inside and outside. Lead time short as seven days, accept rush-order.


Gable Top Folding Carton For Coffee Bars

The folding carton is a special box style, gable top with a snap bottom structure. The raw material of the box is 400gsm white cardboard, with a thickness of 0.58mm.

The box is printed in yellow color, with a matte coating finish, give the box a soft-touch feeling.

A punched hole could be added if you want, for a convenience that the customer can carry the box and take away.


Gloss Printed Folding Carton For Coffee Powder Bar

Tuck end box style, full color printing, and infrared varnish, a semi-gloss coating. This box does not contain any plastic ingredient, so it’s a totally recyclable coffee packaging box.


Gold Foil Stamping Cardboard Box Sleeve For Coffee

When you already have purchased the plain box in hand, and do not need printing on the box, you may look for a printed sleeve to seal the box as well as do some promotion of you brand by printing the sleeve.

The raw material of this printed sleeve is 257gsm black cardboard, no white or brown. With special touch feel.


Matte Printing Luwak Powder Packaging Box

The box contains laser foil stamping, and the black color is the nano printing (reversed-uv printing method.)

The box is auto-lock bottom box style, which saves a lot of time to assemble the box.


Matte Red Folding Carton For Coffee Powder

The feature of this luwak powder packaging box is the gold ink printing over the red theme color.

What’s the difference between the gold foil and gold ink? To be simple, gold foil stamping is a printing finish (coating), but the gold ink is a kind of metallic printing.

For folding cartons, it’s good to do gold ink printing instead of foil stamping. When you fold the boxes, the ink will not fall apart but the foil stamping will do.


Personalized Folding Carton For Coffee Powder

The box is made from 0.45mm thick paperboard, full-over printed patterns, coffee color printing.

If you need to change the pattern, we have more than one hundred pattern for you to select. The material is recyclable, as it does not contain any coating.


Personalized Printing Folding Carton For Hanging Ear Coffee

Did you noticed that this box is very white, whiter than any other boxes? Yes, the box made from 95% brightness paperboard, near virgin white.

It’s good for the food packaging to use the material, gives consumers a clean and healthy feeling.


Printed Hinged Lid Folding Carton For Espresso Capsule

The box comes with an auto-lock bottom structure, save time to assemble the box when the producer fills the coffee capsule.

Additionally, there is a hinged lid (attached lid) on the box, which looks very impressive, and useful. When you need to get access to a capsule, just roll-over the flap.

We get inspired by the cigarette box and apply it to the coffee packaging box.


Spot UV Varnished Folding Carton For Cold Brew Coffee Powder

When the customer found us, they need a packaging that is unique as well as eye-catching, for their cold brew coffee.

After getting better understanding of their brand, we use the customer’s brand theme color, and logo, to create such a box design, with spot UV varnish.

The box looks like a rigid box but it was a tuck-end style folding carton, fully customizable.


Tuck End Box For Instant Black Coffee

The box designed for a coffee brand with auto-packing machinery. We leave the two ends open, add a easy-perforation line. When the box is glued, you can easily peel off the perforation tab, and the box will be opened easily.


Tuck Top Paper Box For Coffee Powder

Coffee packaging always works the best with the coffee color printing, which looks vintage as well as reflect the coffee products inside.


Tuck Top Paper Box For Hanging Ear Coffee

The drip hanging ear coffee packaging box made from 250gsm white paperboard (coated). The box style is straight tuck end style (STE BOX).


Corrugated Cardboard Coffee Box

The corrugated boxes are born for transportation and display. Made from thick corrugated fiberboard, it could be coated with printed paper, and gloss/satin lamination.

We can customize the insert for the coffee individual packaging box, secure them while shipping. MOQ from 500 pieces.

Cardboard Box For Espresso Coffee Powder

This packaging box is Top & Bottom style, the material is three layers of corrugated paper, the first layer is 300gsm Clay Coated News Back, the second layer is 120gsm corrugated paper, the thickness is 2mm, 3mm optional, and the third layer is 120gsm kraft paper.

The carton is easy to fold, the surface is CMYK offset printing, and the gloss film is covered, which can ensure that the carton will not break when folded, and it can also slow the process of ink fading. In order to allow consumers to better understand the product, the carton purchaser requires us to print a product introduction inside the lid. After opening the carton, consumers can quickly learn how to brew coffee.

In order to keep the mug and coffee powder in place and not move during transportation, we added a cardboard divider and printed the same red as the outer box to make the color of the box uniform.


Custom Printed Folding Carton For Coffee Cup

The box used to pack beer cup, but it could be changed to pack coffee mug, coffee cup.

The printing cover the box full-over, and a matte coating finish. Interior is white color, you can also add printing content on the inside. The box made from thick corrugated cardboard, it ensures the coffee cup away from any damage in transportation.

Any kind of insert/cushion could be customized in the box, feel free to contact us!


Custom Printed Retail Box For Coffee Powder

As a retail packaging box for coffee powder, this box can pack several packs of coffee bags. The box is a snap bottom tuck top style, which is a stable box structure.

From the picture you can see that’s a corrugated cardboard box, the outside is gloss coated.


Cardboard Tubes For Coffee Beans

The cardboard cylinder boxes (round tube) is an excellent choice to pack coffee powder and coffee bean. Born with a unique shape and with a good opening experience, it becomes more and more popular.

We can custom the printing of the whole tube and custom cut-out the insert if needed. MOQ from 500 pieces.

Printed Cardboard Cylinder Box For Coffee Powder

The tube made from 3mm thick Kraft cardboard, and printed in four colors. The tube size is 4cm diameter * 15cm height.

In order to keep the coffee in a vacuum, we add a plastic cap in the neck of the tube., The tube is not only good for promote sales, but also suitable for storage.

We can custom to print any content on the tube outside for you, and even laminate a printed paper on the inside of the tube per your request.