Collapsible Gift Box For Christmas Apparel

Focus Features:

  • The collapsible structure can be switched to a display box
  • Double-sided printing
  • The flat structure shipping, save shipping costs.
  • Eco-friendly cardboard material that is recyclable.


The process requirements for the Collapsible Gift Box for Christmas Apparel are higher. We chose a 3mm greyboard laminate with 250gsm art paper as the material, which are all recyclable, environmentally friendly, and ecological. We used four-color offset printing on art paper to meet our customer’s requirements.

The colors are realistic, and there is no color difference compared to the color card. The box is printed with a multi-element background pattern, which looks relatively simple. After printing, we applied a matte film on the surface of the box to protect the printing ink from scratches.

Since the box needs to be folded multiple times, we paid close attention to the detailed workmanship. It is required that the printing is flawless with no white spots or traces, and the folding of the box is neat and accurately attached to ensure smooth folding. The bottom of the box should be seamlessly connected to the outer cardboard, and the magnet is hidden at the flip to make the carton better closed.

After production, we pack the box into a five-layer kraft paper box and provide a home delivery service. Overall, this packaging box is the most suitable for transporting clothing, can be folded and stacked, and does not occupy inventory space.

Our company provides free box design and 3D renderings to ensure that it meets the exact needs of customers. The sample production time takes seven days, and mass production takes 12 to 15 days. If it is urgent, we will arrange the production schedule to meet your requirements.

This Collapsible Gift Box for Christmas Apparel was customized for a clothing brand in New York City, and our customer said that the box adds value to their brand.