Collapsible Rigid Box with Foil Stamping For Body Cream

Focus Features:

  • White chipboard interior and outside, hot foil stamping.
  • Collapsible box style, foldable in shipping, save shipping cost and storage cost.
  • MOQ starts from 250 pieces for this big size box
  • Customized printing can be added onto the inside flap
  • Seven days as production time
Let’s Customize It Now!

Don’t Go Around, and You Are in Right Place

The fast order process in Shanghai BPS is 5 hours from your first communication with us, include design time. Getting a creative body cream and body lotion packaging box is never be that easy.

  1. Send us your product specifications.
  2. Get a free consultation on box inserts, box styles, and printing options, and then you just need to choose one from them.
  3. We will be doing several box tests and give you a report on them. You can ask us to send samples to your hand and test yourself.
  4. Revis for the sample if needed (design modify, die-line modify, optionally processed adding)
  5. Production & Packing & Shipping
  6. Six-month quality ensures after delivery.

Upon 6 points are our confidence in saying, “keep a peaceful mind while working with Shanghai BPS,” We are professional and responsible for customers enough in custom rigid boxes.

Retail Sales Packaging For Body Cream/Lotion

We have some packaging that includes a window patching on the box to make the box adding a retail sales tag. In the past, we successfully developed several gift packaging set for cosmetic industry customers, and one packaging set includes different products and EVA foam inserts.

Would you want us to give you an ideal packaging box with customized options? Contact us today to get an instant quote.

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