Collapsible Rigid Magnetic Closure Box For Christmas Gifts

Focus Features:

  • Glossy plastic lamination coating
  • Full-color Offset printing
  • Be flat in shipping
  • Made from thick cardboard
  • The raw material is recycled cardboard


The Collapsible Rigid Magnetic Closure Box For Christmas Gifts is a classic folding gift box shape that has stickers on the four corners of the wings. Customers need to tear the labels when folding, which can be well bonded to the front and back cardboard, and the adhesion is firm.

The material used is 1.5mm thick CCWB board mounted with high-strength art paper. Double-sided four-color offset printing with gloss lamination on the surface is applied. The pattern and logo are aggregated on the top of the lid, and the inside of the lid can also be customized for printing. The edging of the folding gift box must be durable. Otherwise, it is easy to break, so our company requires the workers to be meticulous when bonding and edging. The facial paper is made of thicker special paper and is resistant to folding.

Our company can provide the die-cut template according to the customer’s desired size. After receiving the design, we can complete the sample within seven days, and mass production time is estimated at 10 to 12 days.

For packaging, the box is neatly tiled into PE bags and then packed into five-layer corrugated kraft paper boxes. We provide door-to-door service and perform the return service of unqualified products.