Collectibles Corrugated Counter Displays

Focus Features:

  • Ideal for small items such as toys and edibles.
  • Pockets are long enough to secure your products into the box body.
  • A printed header on top makes your brand impressive to customers.
  • Optional dividers can be added into the box to separate your different products.
  • It is made from corrugated cardboard, which is lightweight and easy to fold up.
  • Layers & Floors can be added to the display.

Why Collectibles Corrugated Counter Displays?

The Collectibles Corrugated Counter Displays are designed to hold multiple edible toys, and they are made from sturdy cardboard that can be customized to fit different items. We can add extra pockets or levels, as needed, to fully tailor the display to your requirements.

Our POP countertop display boxes are ideal for showcasing a variety of items, such as toys, electronics, cosmetics, phone accessories, and more. Just like all our custom boxes, our POP display boxes are shipped flat to save on shipping costs and to ensure that our customers receive the quantities they need in one go. Assembly is quick and easy; just follow the creases, fill the spaces, and you’re done!

The folded cardboard material makes these displays durable and resistant to damage, regardless of how often they are handled. They are also lightweight and non-intrusive, making them easy to place anywhere in your store or display area.

Our Advantages in Custom Counter Displays

Counter Top Display Boxes from Shanghai BPS are customizable and can be tailored to fit a specific brand and serve as a marketing solution. Optional tear-away panels can be added to make a particular product more visible to customers and encourage impulse sales. If you’re ready to elevate your countertop display marketing, Shanghai BPS offers a variety of options that won’t disappoint!

In addition to edible oils, this Corrugated Retail Counter Display can also be an excellent packaging solution for jewelry, bottles, file storage, magazine displays, and travel bags, once custom printing is done.