Chapter 2- Packaging Boxes Bags Shape

– Select correct box style & shape, enhance your resolution in the market!

Common Box style & Shapes

There are nearly 2,000+ boxes bags shape style in the market, which one is the best for you? No worries about selecting, commonly 20 boxes styles and three bags styles for you is enough

Corrugated Fiberboard Material Paperboard Material Rigid Cardboard
Regular Slotted Carton Box Folding Mailer Box Drawer Box
Folding Mailer Box Tuck End Box Top & Bottom Box
Tuck End Box Drawer Box Special Box Style
Drawer Box Top & Bottom Box Collapsible Rigid Boxes
Top & Bottom Box Auto Bottom Box Hinged Lid Gift Box
Display Box Box With Hang Tab Rigid Shoulder Box
Auto Bottom Box Snap Lock Bottom Box Rigid Neck Box
Gable Top Paper Box Special Box Style Attached Lid Box
Box With Hang Tab Paper Bags
Snap Lock Bottom Box
Special Box Style

The above sheet listed almost every typical box style in the market, if you browse all of them and still do not find a suitable one, then it should be a just mirror-revised box style based on them. What to do with a mirror-revised box type? Just do it in Adobe Illustrator!

Please note: Packaging inner size depends on your product size, and consider your packaging insert, leave enough room. Actual packaging outer size depends on the cardboard thickness, and you need to find two times as there is always a double layer wall of a packaging. Generally, the more material used in packaging, it will be more durable and sturdy. You need to ask your packaging box manufacturer to discuss, and they will give you advice which is best for you.

Packaging structure relates to its loading quality, the impression of your product to customers, and the shipping-cost-wise option. You need to consider it same significant level as other options of a packaging box.

How Can I Analysis A Cardboard Packaging Structure?

Some structure gives a strange appearance, and you are hard to guess its structure. What to do? Unfold it! Unfold a box, make it flat, tear off the glue area (some structure do not have glue area, for example, folding mailer box). Then you can see how this box being folded up, take a picture and send it to your supplier, and they will help you. Help each other is so important, have you ever being asked to take a picture of the packaging, or send a flat design by your supplier? The two same appearance packaging boxes may have two different box structure. So the same does the paper bags. Bags structure far more straightforward than cardboard boxes.

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