Chapter 3- Packaging Printing Options

– Suitable printing makes your brand visible!

Printing is so essential to custom packaging. There are three major printing options in the world, and they are called Offset printing, flexo printing, and screen printing. We can talk about it in 2 ways: printing artwork design and printing machine.

What Are The Common Problems While Printing Process?

Printing is an essential part of the packaging process, but it can come with its own set of challenges. Here are some common problems that may arise during the printing process and how to solve them:

  1. Real printing color does not match the artwork design: This is often caused by mistakes made during the printing process or by using an unprofessional printing machine. To address this issue, it’s best to communicate with your packaging supplier and ensure that your artwork is designed correctly.
  2. Printing does not fit the box after the die-cut process: This issue can be caused by errors in the size of the design artwork, incorrect sizing of the die-cut plate, or mistakes made during the cutting process. It’s important to confirm your design before printing and discuss any concerns with your supplier.
  3. Printing appears dull or matte instead of shiny: This is often the result of selecting the wrong finish, such as matte instead of glossy. It’s important to educate yourself on the different finishes available and select the right one for your needs. Learn more on this page.
  4. Icons, emojis, or logos are not in the correct position as indicated in the artwork: This is usually due to an error made by the printing worker. They need to take care when handling the materials and ensure that each element stays in place.
  5. Printed paper pigment appears blurry: This can happen when the printing finish method is not properly applied to protect the pigments after printing. Additionally, if the printing factory stacks the printed paper before it’s completely dry, this can cause smudging. Experienced printing factories should have a dry-house to finish this process, and the problem can be avoided.
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