Chapter 3- Packaging Printing Options

– Suitable printing makes your brand visible!

Printing is so essential to custom packaging. There are three major printing options in the world, and they are called Offset printing, flexo printing, and screen printing. We can talk about it in 2 ways: printing artwork design and printing machine.

What Are The Common Problems While Printing Process?

  1. Real printing color does not match the artwork design- It is mainly because of mistakes while printing or unprofessional printing machine. What you need to do is talking with your packaging supplier, as long as you have designed well in the artwork.
  2. Printing does not fit box after the die-cut process- It is mainly because of the wrong size in design artwork, incorrect size of the die-cut plate, or mistakes while cutting the box. What you need to do is confirm your design first, then talk with your supplier.
  3. Printing seems not shiny / matt as my thought- It is mainly mistaken in taking matt or polished finish. Some people also didn’t know the oil varnish compare to plastic lamination. You can learn more on this page.
  4. Icons/emojis/logos do not match in the correct position as artwork indicated- It is mainly because of a printing worker’s handling. They need to try more times until each element stays in place, not getting bleed to other places.
  5. Printed papers pigment get blurry- It is because of untaken steps of printing finish method, which will protect pigments after the printing process. Another reason is printing factory stack printed paper before they got dried. Experienced printing factories should have a dry-house to finish this process, and the problem will be avoided.
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