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Contact With Shanghai BPS

We have a very sound service team to offer the best customer service to you. We deeply acknowledge that get phone call in time is very important, and solve the problem soon will win good feedback from customers. 

Feel free to contact us by 3 main ways: Write an email, Talk on Skype, make a direct phone call or use live chat on the website.

Michael Wu
Cathy Fei
Silvia Hu
Marcus Duo

Building 3, Lane 780 Xin’ge Road, Songjiang, Shanghai 201612.

No. 518 Zhongda road, Jinshan, Shanghai 201599.

No. 2317 shengang road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201611

Chat On-Site

Did you notice that we can talk online on our website? it's on the right down corner of the page, you can send pictures, files, or videos. Also, it can record our conversation and send to your mailbox for a review.

Chatting Tools

You can contact our sales manager Eric at the first time, his number is +86 150-0072-3435, he will assign the related sales to contact you according to your inquiry.

Talk on Skype

Get contact with us through skype account [email protected], one of our sales will talk with you for your inquiry. Our work time on skype is 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Talk on phone

Our landline number is +86-21-60896329, feel free to contact us! working time: 8:30 am to 19:00 pm, Monday through Sunday (Shift system)

Email To Us

On the left upper upside of the page, you can find send us inquiry button to send your order inquiries.

Meet With Us

Please contact us in advance for a visit, we can arrange you a good trip and picking up.