Corrugated Cardboard Sanitary Napkin Display Shelf Stands

Focus Features:

  • Three floors, different depth to display different products.
  • Separate printing content on the header and display shelf body.
  • Double folded cardboard material makes the displays very durable to load heavy items.
  • They are made from recycled cardboard material.
  • Glossy & Matt finish as an optional choice for any special requests.
  • They were packed into cardboard case, single pack, or multiple packs.

The Secret Weapon for Retail Sales

Retail sales rely heavily on creating a positive impression. The more opportunities you have to display your products to customers, the better your chances of making a sale. The Corrugated Cardboard Sanitary Napkin Display Shelf Stands is a great example of this. Notice the attractive box design and precise color printing.

This cardboard floor display is an excellent way to draw attention to items that are on sale, in clearance, or newly released in a retail setting. The dump bin design of the display rack allows for a variety of products to be displayed in a more visible location. This cardboard floor display, also known as a POP display, is useful because it takes items off of shelves and positions them for a more appealing presentation. The cardboard floor display is therefore perfect for use during clearance or promotional events.

Despite its simple design, this cardboard floor display is effective at promoting a selection of products. The display rack comes with a removable header that can be customized with your own signage. Made of corrugated cardboard, this retail display rack is extremely lightweight and easy to move around. The retail stand is shipped flat to save you money, but it can be set up in minutes without requiring any additional hardware or tools. This cardboard floor display, also known as a display rack or retail POP display, is a cost-effective way to draw attention to a particular selection of products.