Corrugated Cardboard Sanitary Napkin Display Shelf Stands

Focus Features:

  • Three floors, different depth to display different products.
  • Separate printing content on the header and display shelf body.
  • Double folded cardboard material makes the displays very durable to load heavy items.
  • They are made from recycled cardboard material.
  • Glossy & Matt finish as an optional choice for any special requests.
  • They were packed into cardboard case, single pack, or multiple packs.

The Secret Weapon For Retail Sales

Retail sales are the thing about impression. The more chance you display your products to customers, the better the deals you will get. The Corrugated Cardboard Sanitary Napkin Display Shelf Stands is a good example. See the beautiful box body of it, and correct color printing.

This cardboard floor display is an extraordinary method to attract consideration regarding at a bargain, leeway, or recently discharged things inside a retail setting. The display rack, cardboard floor display has a dump container outline for exhibiting a combination of words in a more distinct area. This cardboard floor display, otherwise called a POP display, is useful because it takes items off of the racks and positions them into a more attractive introduction. The cardboard floor display is along these lines ideal for use amid leeway or limited-time occasions!

This cardboard floor display has a straightforward plan, yet is compelling in pushing a determination of items. We furnish the cardboard floor display with a removable header onto which you can join your custom signage. This retail display rack, cardboard floor display is produced using folded cardboard, making it amazingly light and straightforward to move. The retail stand is transported level to spare you cash, yet it can be set up in minutes without requiring any extra equipment or instruments. This cardboard floor display, for example, a display rack or retail POP display, is a temperate method to draw consideration towards a specific choice of items.