Corrugated Dump Bins with Insert and Removable Lid

Focus Features:

  • 300gsm+170gsm+200gsm, E flute, can load 30kg car accessories
  • Separate divider cells to pack your product.
  • Separate lid, and it’s removable.
  • Custom printed, matt lamination.
  • Cardboard insert to hold products in position, not able to rock while shipping.
  • Octagon shape box
  • Can be delivered in flat, after folded

Solid-Body of Custom Dump Bins

Our custom cardboard dump bins are known for their durability and longevity, and they have been sold to customers all over the world. The material used in the construction of these bins makes them ideal for use in areas where traditional wooden bins are not practical, such as hardware stores, outdoor environments, wet areas, or locations that require refrigeration or freezing.

Our Corrugated Dump Bins come equipped with an insert and a removable lid, and are made from single-wall rigid cardboard that is corrugated. The surfaces of the bins are resistant to oils, alkalines, and other liquids, and they are also washable. Customers can choose from a range of Pantone/CMYK colors including white (which is standard), black, red, blue, yellow, and green. Additionally, you can add your own branding or full-color prints to the bins to meet your specific needs.

Correct Dump Bins Help You To Increase Sales

Promote your product with this printable cardboard dump bin for retail. It comes with a custom ultraviolet printed sticker that is adhered to the removable header before shipping.

Show this floor-standing cardboard dump bin at point-of-sale locations with seasonal merchandise displays beneath an attention-grabbing logo to boost sales. The deep compartment is easy to fill with products and rests below the custom header. The lightweight corrugated build allows for easy movement of the POS display.

This cardboard dump bin is the ideal point-of-sale fixture thanks to the custom graphics and floor-standing construction. Increase your sales by ordering yours today!

This Corrugated Dump Bin with Insert and Removable Lid is perfect for displaying and storing large products. You can insert them into the dividers and wait for potential customers to purchase them.