Corrugated Edible Oil Retail Counter Displays

Focus Features:

  • Counter POP counter displays much effect final impulse buys.
  • Lightweight and massive loading ability.
  • Optional printing finish varied.
  • Custom shape header available.
  • EVA foam insert into the corrugated edible oil retail counter displays
  • The shipping is flat boxes.

The Counter Top Displays Contribute To Your Business in A Good Way

Corrugated counter Displays give a section for displaying on-sale or clearance merchandise.

These cardboard bins were designed specifically to be used on a counter or work surface space. We tend to advocate positioning the furrowed POP displays on a money wrap or close to a cashbox to profit from impulse buys and last-minute add-ons. These furrowed POP displays additionally referred to as the purpose of purchase fixtures, are wont to show a range of merchandise. The furrowed POP displays feature a straightforward, 1-pocket style so supplying you with the liberty to showcase virtually any style of item.

These Corrugated counter Displays area unit shipped flat to save lots of you cash nonetheless take just a couple of minutes to set up. We tend to even give the furrowed POP displays every with a blank, removable header. This header offers you the flexibility to custom style your counter presentation with the taped-on collection. The purpose of purchase fixtures, furrowed POP displays area unit a reasonable various to counter prime store fixtures or purpose of purchase displays.

With a corrugated board, your displays area unit additional cost-effective nonetheless can still facilitate produce a prospering purpose of purchase presentation.