Corrugated Floor Stand POP Snack Shelf

Focus Features:

  • Accompanies six racks with a front lip configuration to maintain a strategic distance from things from tumbling off!
  • Floor display contains a separable header for connecting custom signage!
  • Ships level to save money on delivery costs!
  • Simple to gather and light!
  • Eco-Friendly!

What Makes it Impressive?

The Corrugated Floor Stand POP Snack Shelf is an impressive retail display option that can be used in various retail locations. It is made from lightweight layered material, making it easy to move around the store. This tall POS cardboard display is sure to catch the attention of store patrons, making it a great alternative to other stock displays due to its large size and cost-effectiveness. The white color of the display blends in well with any store décor, and it is available in different sizes, colors, and styles. This display is perfect for businesses as it is an affordable option that can effectively attract customers.

The Five Floors Stand POP Display Shelf is a particularly impressive feature of this display. With five shelves, it can accommodate a wide range of items such as clothes, boxed cards, toys, and gifts. The removable header also enables customers to change out promotions for the products being displayed. Additionally, each shelf features a verge on the edge, which prevents the displayed items from falling and avoids unnecessary damage. Many other POP retail stands are also available in the online catalog.