Corrugated Floor Stand POP Snack Shelf

Focus Features:

  • Accompanies six racks with a front lip configuration to maintain a strategic distance from things from tumbling off!
  • Floor display contains a separable header for connecting custom signage!
  • Ships level to save money on delivery costs!
  • Simple to gather and light!
  • Eco-Friendly!

What Makes It Impressive?

The Corrugated Floor Stand POP Snack Shelf is perfect for use in an assortment of retail location areas. Each stand is produced from layered material and is extremely lightweight, so they can without much of a stretch be moved around your business. These POS cardboard displays that are tall are sure to grab the eye of store supporters. These displays make different stock displays because of their vast size and sparing cost. These POS cardboard displays are white in shading, to mix in with any stylistic theme. Different other creased things are likewise sold here, in a combination of sizes, hues, and styles. If it’s not too much trouble, see related items. This POS cardboard displays truly advantage organizations. These are fetched proficient displays that can indeed pull in clients.

Five Floors Stand POP Display Shelf

Corrugated Floor Stand POP Snack Shelf has five racks for your benefit. In this manner, these displays are ideal for showing garments, boxed cards, toys, and presents available to be purchased. The removable header empowers clients to change out promotions for the items being shown. These POS cardboard displays have five retires that element a verge on the edge of every rack. This component on the POP holder shields the showed things from dropping and avoids superfluous harming of introduced products. Numerous other POP retail stands are additionally accessible in the online index.