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Beauty & Health Packaging

Beauty Products packaging solution

With Shanghai Box Packing Solution team, you can get your rigid gift boxes, corrugated boxes, paper boxes custom made. The beauty products are always lightweight, high value and need simple packaging boxes to add more value to their brand. (Beauty products packaging (cosmetic packaging), luxury beauty products packaging, skin care products packaging solution, salon & spa products packaging solution and vitamins & dietary supplements packaging solution, skin care products packaging boxes, makeup packaging boxes, hair care packaging boxes, Oral care packaging boxes, Fragrance & perfume packaging boxes, tools & brush packaging boxes and men’s grooming packaging boxes

Bath Soap Rose Flower Gift Packaging Box.

Blades gift box.

CMYK printed Nail Scrubbers paper box, cosmetic box.

Cosmetic kits packaging box.

EDT spray packaging box, made for BVLGARI

Face serum packaging box.

Gold metallic eye beauty kits packaging box.

Hair color packaging box.

Instantly Ageless bottle gift packaging box.

Lipstick series packaging box.

Luxury silver foil kits gift box.

Makeup Brushes rigid cardboard gift box.

Rigid gift box for Essential Oils.

Sculpting Paste paper packaging box.

Shaving soap paper box with spot UV made of GBS beauty.

STE style eyelash paper box.

Tag Band packaging box with hang tab.

Skin care products packaging solution

In Shanghai Box Packing Solution team, We are able to handle different requirements on Skincare paper packaging. Skin care products are different from the common beauty products, need unique printed and material to make the products seem elegant and luxury. Skin care products packaging includes cleansers packaging boxes, creams & moisturizers packaging boxes, treatments & masks packaging boxes, oils & serums packaging boxes, eye care packaging boxes, sun care packaging boxes, body care packaging boxes, toners & astringents packaging boxes, hands & feet & nails cream packaging boxes. These boxes may apply the gold metallic paper material to make it unique or apply glossy lamination to make the box outstand from another packaging. Box Packing Solution team has listed the packages below:

A corrugated packing box for the hair dryer.

Facial mask packaging box.

Facial masks packaging box with gold foil stamping.

Gift box for Makeup mirror.

Hair beauty products packaging box for California Glam.

Hair repair Kraft paper box.

Hand cream handcraft gift box.

Nail tool packaging box.

Mailer box for a facial mask.

Mud mask bottle packaging box.

Skin Care Tools packaging box.

Mud mask bottle packaging box.

Sunscreen bottle packaging box.

Paper display box for Korea cosmetic collections.


Salon & Spa products packaging solution

As one of the famous cosmetic box manufacturers in China, we sell Salon & Spa products being protected with the plastic bottle and outside packed by paper boxes, it’s better to add clear window onto the front side to show more of the bottle body. The box style is varied, from STE | RTE box style, drawer style, folding mailer box style, telescope shape style to round tube, they all can be the shape of a cosmetic packaging box. Also, some customer may interest in the paper bag, no worries, we would list them out in the final paragraph of this article. Salon & spa products packaging solution includes shampoo packaging boxes, conditioner packaging boxes, styling bottle packaging boxes, hair loss packaging boxes, hair & scalp treatments packaging boxes, tools & appliances packaging boxes and shaves & hair removal packaging boxes. 

Customized corrugated Drawer Box for Styling Iron.

Bath and Massage Oils Organic gift box.

Embossed logo rigid box for a shave.

Drawer style perfume box.

Rigid gift box for perfume set.

Mailer box for hair loss products.

Top and bottom body cream rigid box.

Hand soap packaging tray box.

Styling bottle mailer box.

Paper box for hair removal.

Paper box packaging for hair loss.

Hot foil stamped paper box for shampoo set.

RTE style conditioner packaging box.

Scalp treatments paper box.

Shampoo packaging tube box. We are leading tube packaging supplier in China.


Vitamins & Dietary supplements packaging solution

As the nutrition supplement inside are high value and afraid of sunshine, it’s better to pack them by rigid corrugated boxes (BE flute 5mm thickness) and rigid cardboard gift boxes (2mm thickness at least), and for small bottles we could apply rigid card stock with STE box style or auto lock bottom style. The printing always be colorful to indicate inside products are Nutritious, and add big AD words on the front to attract more attention from customers. Box Packing Solution team has experience with such kind boxes, and below list all possible paper package you may interested in. Vitamins & dietary supplements packaging solution include vitamins bottle packaging boxes, weight loss products packaging boxes and nutrition products packaging boxes.  

Chocolate Fudge packaging box with spot UV.

Foldable mailer box for nutrition supplement.

Paper dispenser box style of vitamins.

RTE box style nutrition packaging box.

Dietary supplement paper box.

Fish oil paper packaging.

Newly designed vitamin packaging boxes.

Vitamin paper boxes.

Yeast balanced supplement display box. 

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is one of the cosmetic packaging suppliers in China, we can help you do the design for different paper packaging. As a solution, it should include paper boxes, corrugated boxes, rigid cardboard gift boxes and even paper bags. STE box style is popular with cosmetic packaging boxes, Auto lock bottom box style also can be used for bottle packaging for easy packing. Foldable mailer box style always coordinates with corrugated fiberboard material to make corrugated mailer box and paper bags always take 300gsn white virgin paperboard. You can contact with Box Packing Solution team for free die-cut design work to finalize your artwork. As we have signed the Non-disclosure agreement with our customers, so we only list some simple design work made by us. If you are looking for cosmetic packaging companies that offer design, too. Why not us?

Display box for nutrition supplement

Cubic shape cosmetic packaging box design

Auto bottom cosmetic packaging design

3D demonstration of beauty & health items packaging