Cosmetic Packaging Boxes with Double side Flap

Focus Features:

  • Made from specialty coated thick cardboard, Irregular texture on paper.
  • Double side flap, can be opened from 2 sides, fashionable, and professional looking.
  • Thick printed board with silver foil stamping attached in the middle of the box.
  • Red paper laminate on bottom of the box
  • Specially designed tri-folder for cosmetic products, hot sale in USA and AU.

Get Inspiration From Different Packaging Concept

Packaging design can come from anywhere, and at Shanghai BPS, we take inspiration from all kinds of sources. Our double-sided flap cosmetic packaging boxes were actually inspired by a plastic cosmetic plate that our structure designer Melisa Wang saw while getting a nail oil treatment. The plate had double-sided openings that were convenient for users and very fashionable. Melisa was inspired by this design and came up with a raw design for our cosmetic boxes. We then did tests and mock-ups to refine the structure and suggested that some of our customers try it out. Eventually, we worked with KENZI KASHAE cosmetics and the design has become very popular with customers in the US and Australia.

At Shanghai BPS, we believe that innovation and inspiration are the keys to progress. That’s why we are always creating new box structures and designs that offer better service to you.

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