Cup Shape Cardboard Display Box

Focus Features:

  • Made from thin virgin paperboard, the one kind of elegant material.
  • Cup shape, unique and eye-catching.
  • Big room for you to place many products.
  • Pantone red color printing, special printing finish.
  • Corrugated cardboard made cup grip, reinforced structure.
  • Round red divider on the bottom, separate the products layer from the base layer.
  • The dump bin able to stand on the floor.

Unique But Still Cost Effective

The cup-shaped cardboard display box, as shown in the picture, is a new design for dump bins that can be considered the “next generation of dump bins.” Its unique structure and creative printing make it stand out.

We are proud to have supplied Lipton, a company with a long history of selling drink products, with this box. It can hold many pieces of tea products and promotes the products itself with its shape. The box catches your attention at first sight.

As we have a non-disclosure agreement with our customer, we cannot disclose the unit cost. However, we can assure you that it is cost-effective compared to normal cardboard display boxes. If you provide us with your required size and printing content, we can give you a quote. Please contact us for more information.

Not Only Cup Shape

In the past years’ cooperation, we do not only develop the cup shape dump display for Lipton but many more which are kept as confidentiality by us. However, we can show you our ability in developing new box styles:

  1. Animal style
  2. Truck & Car style
  3. House style
  4. Bottle style
  5. Suitcase style
  6. Desk style
  7. Chair Style
  8. Many more, please contact us for details.

The lead time is short. For example, This cup shape cardboard display box ordered as 10,000 pieces, production finished in 10 days. (Packing included)

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in developing a creative packaging box.