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custom apparel and shoes packaging boxes

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is an experienced and reliable China Apparel packaging (especially garment packaging) and shoe packaging manufacturer, we offer a full Packaging solution for apparel factories and retails, also the shoes manufacturers and shops. The packaging includes printed paper boxes, corrugated shipping boxes, mailer boxes, rigid cardboard gift boxes, stickers, wrapping paper, packaging materials, box inserts and so on.

Apparel Packaging solution

With Box Packing Solution team, we have listed near all paper packaging in Apparel industry. From our order production experience, Apparel company may interested in suits packaging, shirt packaging, Tie packaging, scarf packaging, chinos packaging, trousers packaging, pants packaging, underwear packaging, vest packaging, jeans packaging, wedding dress packaging, cap packaging and so on apparel packaging. This is a big industry, but from our website, you can get a general idea of what you are looking for. We offering garment packaging boxes, apparel paper bag, apparel accessories rigid cardboard gift boxes and more custom made paper made apparel packaging.

The following texts and images only for reference, size & printing & style can be customized to your brand design.

Garment mailer boxes | apparel boxes

Garment mailer apparel packaging boxes,apparel boxes

Foldable and flat shipping can be packed in cartons and shrink wrapping, custom clothing packaging.

T-shirt packaging box | shirt box

T-shirt apparel packaging box,shirt box,packaging for clothing,custom clothing boxes

Brown Kraft corrugated fiberboard box material, with customized printing inside.

Gift box ribbon closure for women underwear

Gift box ribbon closure for women underwear apparel packaging

Rigid cardboard material, ribbon closure, custom apparel boxes.

Telescope shape gift box for shoes

Telescope shape gift box for shoes

A rigid neck box includes 3 pieces cardboard, sturdy and solid.

Collapsible gift boxes for jeans | clothes box | clothing gift boxes

Collapsible gift boxes for jeans,clothes box,custom apparel boxes

Always putting one wrapping paper on the bottom to protect jeans.

Rigid cardboard gift boxes for men’s tie

Rigid cardboard gift boxes for men's tie

Embossed surface, the manufacturer of Shanghai Box Packing Solution team, China.

Scarf packaging box pillow box style

Scarf packaging box pillow box style

The simple style looks eco-friendly, open from two sides.

Safe vest paper box STE style

Safe vest paper box STE style apparel packaging,apparel gift boxes

Straight tuck end box style, with CMYK color printing.

Corrugated wardrobe packaging box | apparel boxes | garment boxes

Corrugated wardrobe packaging box

A wardrobe box is a moving box to pack clothes, with a hanger bar on top.

Clip case box for knickers

Clip case box for knickers apparel packaging

Slide box has a way to display products to customers.

Custom made cap packaging box

Custom made cap packaging box

The Cap is round, use a tube box make the packaging unique.

Printed tube packaging for t-shirt

Printed tube packaging for t-shirt

A popular packing style in recent years.

Gift card in on the gift boxes

Gift card in on the gift boxes

Always need to be specialty paper material, add a luxury feeling to the whole packaging, made for Norway DEGUY online shop.

Promotion card leaflet

Promotion card leaflet

Various colors, double side printed and plastic lamination.

Hangtags for garment

Hangtags for garment,garment boxes

Gold foil stamped logo and brand, special texture paper material.

Garment printed stickers

Garment printed stickers

The stickers quality depends on the printing quality, materials are common.

Rigid box with paper sleeve for shirt

Rigid box with paper sleeve for shirt

The box could be unprinted, just add a sleeve to save printing cost, good idea.

Men’s underwear packaging box with window

Men’s underwear packaging box with window

We make this packaging for a USA customer, as we can’t print CK brand without permission, so we changed a brand for them.

Apparel wrapping paper | packaging for clothing | custom clothing packaging

Apparel wrapping paper

European customer always called them rice paper, the same meaning, protect the products away from scratch.

Big wedding dress packaging | packaging for clothing | apparel gift boxes

Big wedding dress packaging apparel packaging

How can the box be durable also cost-effective? a decorative corrugated folding box will be your best choice.

High-quality paper shopping bag

High quality paper shopping bag

Whole bag with two colors, simple but not low.

Paper bag for boutique women dress

Paper bag for boutique women dress

Wooden texture printed, add an eco-friendly feeling to the brand.

Apparels are light weight and always fashion designed. We suggest using the best material for apparel packaging as below:
1. Corrugated boxes: E flute corrugated box is enough for taking the weight of all apparels, it can take around 35kgs max.
2. Paper bags: At least 300gsm white virgin paperboard, 270gsm brown Kraft paper for garments, and 300gsm art paper for paper shopping bags to pack apparels.
3. Rigid gift boxes: 2mm thick duplex board coated with 157g art paper to make rigid cardboard gift boxes, if it is light (can bear 10kgs max) inside, 1.5mm thick board is also available.
4. Paper boxes: At least 170gsm Kraft paper and specialty paper no less than 200gsm.
5. Card & leaflet: specialty paper is needed if you want the cards to stand out from others. We suggest straight texture paper with golden metallic foiled logo. 150gsm to 300gsm.

Design of paper apparel packaging solution

Design of apparel paper packaging solution,clothing gift boxes

Apparel packaging solution is a list of all possible paper packaging exist in the market and from our produce experience, if you have more idea, please let us know, we can develop for you, and offer the free die-cut line for your reference, then we would make the apparel packaging solution better!

Shoe packaging solution

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a professional and reliable China supplier of Shoe box packaging and shoebox. Shoes have so many kinds and for male and female, it is hard to list every kind together. But as packaging solution, we will list every product we made, covering all your needs here, from structure, printing, packaging kind and accessories. Till now we made paper boxes and paper bags for sports shoes, leather shoes and hiking shoes. Corrugated shipping boxes, corrugated mailer box, wrapping paper for shoes, stickers for shoes, hangtag for shoes and promotion leaflet for shoes. In the following article, we would list all we meet before, trying to make our shoe packaging solution fulfill with useful information.

Note: below pictures only for reference, and we have sign NON-disclosure agreement with our customers, please do not use the pictures without our permission. They all can be customized, let’s work on your own custom-made paper packaging! Our product tags: apparel boxes, shirt box, clothes box, garment boxes, clothing gift boxes, packaging for clothing, apparel gift boxes, custom apparel boxes, custom clothing packaging, custom clothing boxes, shoe box, cardboard shoe boxes, custom shoe boxes, cardboard shoe boxes.

Collapsible shoe packaging box

Collapsible shoes packaging box

Hot foil stamped logo, a box with PET window.

Drawer style shoe box with handle

Drawer style shoes box with handle

Enable customer take the boxes easier, instead of adding another paper bag.

Hinged lid shoe packaging box

Hinged lid shoes packaging box

One part box, no need to assemble, cardboard shoe boxes.

Luxury rigid cardboard shoe box | custom shoe boxes

Luxury rigid cardboard gift box for shoes,shoe box,cardboard shoe boxes

Telescope shape box, bottom inside printed with customer’s brand.

Gold foil stamped shoes carry box | cardboard shoe boxes

Golden hot foil stamped shoes carry box,custom shoe boxes

Rigid cardboard material, install nylon ribbon on the top.

Telescope shape shoe boxes

Telescope shape shoes boxes with gold foil stamping,cardboard shoe boxes

Hot foil stamped logo, matt plastic lamination for JORDAN shoes.

Spot UV varnished shoe box | shoe box for sale

Spot UV varnished shoes box

Special texture UV varnish, beautiful appearance.

Shoe mailer box with plastic window

Shoes mailer box with plastic window

30*30*5cm, corrugated material, with printed CCNB paper coating.

Top and bottom style shoe box | shoe storage boxes

Top and bottom style shoes packaging box

For men’s shoes or woman’s shoes.

Shoes foldable corrugated box

Shoes foldable corrugated box

High heels packaging box, mailer box style, Christmas shoe boxes.

Flexo printed shoe carrier box

Flexo printed shoes carrier box

Brown corrugated fiberboard, 2mm thickness E flute.

Gift card for shoe packaging

Gift card for shoes packaging

White virgin paperboard as the material, stitch into pages.

Paper bag for sport shoes

Paper bag for sport shoes

White kraft paper material, deep blue pigment.

Shoe shopping bag

Shoes shopping bag

Natural Kraft stock material, customized size, and printing.

Luxury shoe paper bag

Luxury shoes paper bag

The paper material is specialty paper, how to choose? please refer to the paper mart, we would get that for you.

Non-woven sack for shoes

Non-woven sack for shoes

non-dust shoes cover, popular in the shoe shop and Drycleaners.

Non-woven bag for shoes

Non-woven bag for shoes

String closure sack bag for shoes.

Non-woven shoe sleeve

Non-woven shoes sleeve

Keep the shoes clean, keep the house clean.

Shoe promotion card

Shoes promotion card

200gsm art paper material always is packed into a shoe box.

Printed stickers for shoes

Printed stickers for shoes

Stick the sticker on the sides of the shoe box, as a guide.

Shoes wrapping paper

Shoes wrapping paper

Customized printing on wrapping paper is available in Shanghai Box Packing Solution team.

Shoe packaging is more a protective than fashion, as shoes are afraid of pressure and heat. We only suggest using corrugated boxes or rigid cardboard gift boxes for packing.
1. Corrugated boxes: no matter brown or white outside, single wall corrugated fiberboard is enough to bear the weight of shoes or boots. In the recent order, we apply 300gsm CCNB paper + 170gsm corrugated Kraft paper + 200gsm Kraft inner paper, outside with offset printing. Another is 200gsm Kraft paper + 170gsm corrugated Kraft paper + 200gsm Kraft inner paper, with flexo printing.

2. Rigid cardboard gift boxes: As a rigid and luxury feeling box material, we do suggest apply 2mm duplex board coated with art paper or Kraft paper, printed by offset print machine is the best choice for you. and if you would like to promote your brand and logo, make the logo gold foil stamped and cover a full plastic matt film, your box packaging would be very high quality and eye-catching.

3. Paper bags and non-woven bags: 200gsm white virgin paperboard is enough to pack the shoes, non-woven bags will use an ordinary material, same a non-woven sack bags.

Shoe packaging box mockup design

Shoes packaging box mock up design

A customer case of shoe packaging solution

Company introduction: The company Potomac ltd. designs, produces and sells prestigious silk products, mostly cravats (neckties), scarves and women’s shawls, but also men’s and women’s shirts and accessories. All over the world, the company Potomac ltd. is known as the company behind the fashion brand CROATA, which is the backbone of its business. CROATA has become a synonym for luxurious silk neckties and scarves with its design inspired by Croatian and world cultural heritage, handmade from the finest silk. The brand has grown on the fact that the necktie originated in Croatia, and has told this necktie story through its products worldwide. Nowadays, CROATA neckties are worn by businessmen, diplomats, statesmen, and celebrities worldwide.

Paper Packaging Solution Development

Box Packing solution team has a business relationship with them for years, and we work together very happy. From design, sampling to mass production, all being finished in one time and successfully. We have made pillow boxes, paper bags, paper boxes, rigid cardboard gift boxes, promotion cards, stickers, wrapping paper and brand promotion for their company. The package used for packing ties, shoes, apparels and some men’s shirts. They are aiming at offering high-quality fashion apparels, need the package simple designing but a luxury & fashion feeling. From this point, Box Packing Solution team draw a draft of matt black with red printing, to echo with their logo. After several times revising, we create 22 designs for their all packaging, with different paper materials and printing finish.

Silver metallic paper folder

Silver metallic paper folder.

Silver printed pillow box for tie

Silver printed pillow box for a tie.

Silver printed paper folder with black printing

Silver printed paper folder with black printing.

Telescope shape paper box with logo printed

Telescope shape paper box with logo printed.

Big silver printed pillow box for underwear

Big silver printed pillow box for underwear.

Reversed tuck end paper box

Reversed tuck endpaper box.

Spot UV printed rigid cardboard gift box

Spot UV printed rigid cardboard garment packaging box.

White printed wrapping paper in the tie boxes

White printed wrapping paper in the tie boxes.

Top and bottom rigid gift box

Top and bottom rigid gift box.

Luxury book shape box for men's shirt

Luxury book shape box for men’s shirt.

Golden foil stamped paper box with special texture

Golden foil stamped paper box with a special texture.

Shoes paper bag with matt lamination

Shoe paper bag with matt lamination.

Spot shiny UV on the rigid cardboard box

Spot shiny UV on the rigid cardboard box.

Printed stickers for boxes

Printed stickers for boxes.

Printed promotion card and post cards

Printed promotion card and postcards.

It’s a great honor to work with them, and we really do feel Shanghai Box Packing Solution is a professional and reliable China supplier of paper packaging. If you are also in apparel and shoe market, or related industry, and looking for paper packaging solution supplier, please try us, you will get nice paper packaging solution from design, sampling, brand promotion, shipping, professional packing to customized service. Trust Box Packing Solution team, add value to your brand and get a paper packaging expert around you!

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