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Get Your Wine Boxes & Beer Boxes Customized Now

Shanghai Box Packaging Solution team is a professional and reliable China supplier of beer packaging box, wine packaging box, and beverage packaging box. Drinks packaging solution, we hereby refer to beverage paper packaging, beer paper packaging (beer carrier and beer packaging box), and wine boxes. 

Box Packing Solution team only offer outer packaging for those products, do not offer inner packaging as Evergreen Pack does. The drinks packaging boxes have its unique requirements on the box material and box style, as glasses are Fragile items, the outer packaging should be rigid. 

Moreover, we need to avoid glasses scratch from each other, so a box insert or divider is needed. In order to make the reader have a better understanding of this drinks packaging solution, we have listed them as below:

Find Videos of Custom Wine Boxes & Beer Boxes

In order to let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in custom wine boxes and beer boxes, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of custom wine boxes & beer cartons. From the below videos, You will see printing, printing finish, box material and detailed information. If You like, just give a “like” or comment.

Beer Packaging Boxes | Beer Carrier Box | Beer Carry Box | Beer Boxes

We are a professional beer carrier supplier, tt always be called 4-pack beer carrier and 6-pack beer carrier, from its name you can understand it only a carrier, not a box. The shape of it is special but useful, enable to let customer buy-and-go, something like take away packaging box. it’s made from corrugated fiberboard, sometimes use rigid Kraft paper. we hereby introduce 4-pack beer carrier and 6-pack beer carrier box. For beer packaging box, we have the solution of 4-pack beer carrier, 6-pack beer carrier to take away. Also, we have 6 bottles, 12 bottles, 24 bottle beer shipping box for your choice, each bottle is divided into their position by cardboard dividers.

Six pack beer carry box

six pack beer carry box,beer shipping boxes

Glossy varnish for Steam Works Beer

4 pack beer carrier

4 pack beer carrier,beer carrier supplier

Rigid white corrugated fiberboard material.

Six pack beer carrier box

six pack beer carrier box

Kraft paperboard with flexo printing.

Beer display box

beer display box,beer box

natural corrugated fiberboard material.

Beer shipping box

beer shipping box

corrugated box with bottle dividers.

Design draft for 6 pack beer carrier

Design draft for 6 pack beer carrier

customized design work for beer box.

For different ML bottles, we have a different size to fit, such as 330ml, 350ml, 500ml, and 640ml. Also, bottles have different thickness, this should be acknowledged by us before making the die-cut design. Die cut layout and printing artwork design for beer carrier box

Wine Boxes | Wine Gift Boxes | Wine Carrier Box | Wine Shipping Box | Wine Gift Box

As one of a famous wine box manufacturers in China, Shanghai Box Packing Solution team had helped around 200 drink factory develop their brand by nice paper packaging. Wine boxes always have a bigger size than beer packaging boxes, as the wine bottles are higher and wider. Many customers inform us the label on the bottle need to be free from scratch, so their band and logo can be promoted once showed in the market. This requires the wine packaging boxes have a suitable cardboard material and dividers to protect the bottle. Meanwhile, wines always have a higher price than common drinks, the package needs to be outstanding, this requires the printing be more accurate, and add some printing finish onto. From this way, Box Packing Solution team suggest customer apply the gold-foiled logo, embossed logo, matt plastic lamination or even soft touch film lamination. Also, if you would like the whole box to be unique, except apply special box structure, you can also consider full-over UV varnish on the boxes. For wine paper packaging, we have gable top wine packaging box, wine packaging paper bags, rigid wine gift boxes, wine packaging box with handle and single pack wine box. 

Hinged lid wine packing box

hinged lid wine box

A luxury box style and material

Rigid cardboard wine gift box

rigid cardboard wine box

Hot foil stamping with EVA foam insert.

Foldable rigid wine packaging box

foldable rigid wine packaging box supplier

Collapsible gift box style, double side printed with hot foil stamping.

Honeycomb material wine box

one pack honey comb material wine box

Eco-friendly packaging material, durable quality.

Paper tube wine box packaging

Paper tube wine box packaging,wine box manufacturers

High end printed tube box, 2 layers wall to make it strong.

Cardboard wine boxes

cardboard wine boxes,wine storage boxes

Rigid cardboard box with paper card inserts, Cultivare wine.

Impressive wine packaging box

impressive wine packaging box

Gold foil stamped logo, full over UV varnished surface.

Red wine packaging carrier box

red wine packaging carrier box

Customized size, enable wine bottle load into.

Wine bottle mailer box | wine bottle shipping box | wine shipping boxes

wine bottle mailer box,wine boxes for shipping,cardboard wine boxes,wine bottle shipping box

Folding box style, for shipping and gifting.

Wine glasses packaging box

wine glasses packaging box

Close the box without glue, self-clocked top.

Bottle glass storage boxes

bottle glass storage boxes

Regular slotted carton box with EVA foam inserts.

Wine shipping carton box

wine shipping carton box

Double layer corrugated carton, stable and sturdy.

Except for the red wine packaging box, Shanghai Box Packaging Solution team also offer paper packaging for Whisky, Vodka, Champagne, and Cocktail. Those wine bottles may have a difference from the red wine, and then the package also varied. they just change the shape and printing work, the other specification on the corrugated box or cardboard rigid box, stay no change.

Champagne gift box

Champagne gift box

High-density EVA foam insert, gold foil stamping.

Hinged lid vodka display box

hinged lid vodka display box

Cardboard insert, book shape packaging box.

Vodka display counter

vodka display counter

Retails packaging solution, individual packing box, and display box.

Vodka packaging box

vodka packaging box

RTE style box, corrugated material, laser film lamination.

Silver metallic Brandy packaging

silver metallic Brandy packaging box

5*5*25cm, logo being embossed, for MALIES XO.

Cocktail display box

cocktail display box

Customized display box, any size, and any printing design accepted.

Beverage Packaging Box | Beverage Carrier | Beverage Package

Beverage refers to the drinks except for beer and wine, including soft drinks, nutrition water and so on. It’s common to pack cans with regular slotted carton, plastic bottle 24 pack with corrugated fiberboard. If needed, you can also add customized foam divider to avoid impact from outside. For Beverage paper packaging, we have corrugated boxes and rigid cardboard boxes to supply. They are customized for your bottle size or inner packaging size, also we accept customized printing and printing finish onto the boxes.  

Drinks display counter box

drinks display counter box

Small case, bottom with dividers to fit the bottles.

Corrugated beverage carry carton

corrugated beverage carry carton

Corrugated carry carton, gable top snap bottom.

Beverage mailer box

beverage mailer box

Hinged lid mailer box, flexo printing on white Kraft paper.

Beverage gift packaging

beverage gift box

2mm thick duplex board coated with art paper, matte finish.

Beverage cans packaging cover

cans packaging cover

Rigid paper stock material.

Bag in box packaging

bag in box packaging

Plastic bag in the paper carton, to pack liquid and beverage.

Need Packaging Material And Printed Paper For Those Boxes?

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a China professional supplier for wine packaging box, also the box foam inserts. If the shipping distance very long, only pack the glass with dividers is not enough, you need to consider foam insert, Shredding wrapping, and foam padding. If you need to promote more on your brand, it’s better to add stickers on the outer packages, and AD papers.

EPE foam for wine and glass

EPE foam for wine and glass

EPE foam, low density, black color.

Shredding wrapping in wine boxes

Shredding wrapping in wine boxes

Avoid damage to wine bottle while shipping.

Paper pallet for drinks packaging

paper pallet for drinks packaging

Palletized product always more safe and stable while shipping.

Bottle stickers | Wine labels

bottle stickers

Paper stickers, labeling your brand now!

Printed wine tags

printed wine tags

Thick paper tag, being put on the neck of the wine bottle.

Wine bottle bubble wrap

wine bottle bubble wrap

Air fit bubble, avoid bottle damage from any direction.

Bottle protection cover

wine bottle protection foam cover

Customized wine bottle/beer bottle shape protect cover.