Custom Book Shape Perfume Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Book shape, unique and impressive
  • Hidden magnetic design
  • Precise EVA foam cutting and pink cardboard covering
  • Double-sided print
  • Customizable for your brand


Those custom book shape perfume boxes are made from 2.5mm thick cardboard, coated with printed paper, High-density EVA foam with the punched hole to insert perfume bottles. Double-sided print makes the box unique looking, when the customer opens the box, more information jump out.

Some of the visitors doubt if it is a magnetic closure. The answer is yes. Different from other magnetic boxes, this box does not have a single flap to load magnetic but hide it into the front panel. In this way, the box can be called ” book shape,” doesn’t it?

The box can be customized in size, color, insert, and quantity. Contact us to get more order information!